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The causes of male infertility

Updated: Sunday, Sep 13,2009, 1:36:11 PM
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The causes of male infertility
Sperm must be made in the testes, travel through the spermatic ducts, and find the egg.

A man may also produce antibodies to his own sperm, this means that the immune system attacks the tails of sperm they produce. Sometimes the woman produces antibodies against sperm to his partner, they generally attack the sperm head.

Radiation, environmental toxins, undescended testes, varicocele, traumatic injury, wound infection, testicular atrophy, drug effects, prolonged fever, certain endocrine disorders, congenital abnormalities, past surgery in the lower abdomen, under - tight clothing, poor diet, antihypertensives antiinflamatories, antihistamines, stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and cocaine, all have a significant effect on sperm health and fertility male.

The semen is evaluated in the following categories;
- Adequate
- (Aspermia absence of ejaculation)
- (Azoospermia absence of sperm in semen)
- Oligospermia (reduced sperm density)
- The poor motility and forward movement
- Percent of high abnormal sperm morphology
- Anti-sperm

Diagnosis of male infertility
The medical history will be taken; childhood diseases, undescended testes, mumps, sexual diseases.
The structural abnormalities will be discussed; varicocele (swelling of the scrotum), size and shape of testes.
Secondary sexual characteristics are evaluated.
Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, adrenal disorders, hypogonadism, diabetes and other endocrine disorders will be verified.
2-3 semen samples will be necessary for adequate evaluation. Volume and other characteristics vary from time to time. The semen should look somewhat viscous and opaque. The volume should be between 1-5 ml (remember that once alcohol is 30 ml). There should be more than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

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