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Small breast is more likely to suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia?

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:55:12 PM
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A survey shows that not all of the big breasts are easy to suffer from breast hyperplasia, those chest is relatively small, and even the chest flat crush is more likely to suffer from breast hyperplasia. And after that, there are studies that show that women with large breasts are more likely to develop breast cancer. In the end is what kind of women are more likely to suffer from breast hyperplasia? How to maintain the breast after suffering from mammary gland hyperplasia? Here's what the experts say.

Experts say breast growth and development is mainly influenced by the reproductive endocrine axis of a variety of hormones, such as pituitary secretion promote gonadal hormones and lactation hormone, the ovarian secretion of estrogen and progesterone, in addition to the role of secreted by the adrenal and thyroid hormone and pituitary secretion of growth hormone and breast development to full and perfect. Clinicians often encounter some early termination of the development of young girls, it is likely that the above organs, glands, hormone levels of function and regulation of barriers, affecting the development of the breast.

The occurrence of breast disease is not affected by the size of the breast

Small breasts will not be breast disease is not scientific, even if the early termination of the development of female breasts, hormone secretion as long as abnormal, the same can cause a variety of breast, in I have seen patients with breast disease have many women with small breasts, even if is the male endocrine disorders may also breast disease. Breast disease and in vivo hormone balance level, living environment, work pressure and so on are closely related.

Breast care and inspection should pay attention to

The female predisposition to breast disease as many as 10 species, the most common breast cancer, breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast benign tumor. In recent years, the incidence of breast diseases increased rapidly, and the age of patients is getting smaller and smaller.

In order to nip in the bud, a female friend in the daily life must pay attention to maintenance and at any time to check your body, the patient inadvertently or through self inspection, if found the following situation, it is best to promptly to the hospital for treatment, in order to earlier diagnosis results, and early treatment.

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