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Simple to use traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of migraine

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 10,2014, 5:24:59 PM
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I soon after the baby, would be rather baffling to have a headache. In recent years, I often have a headache, Wan in the winter season, the symptom of headache attack once in almost every three or four days.

At the onset of the disease, the temple I left there will be pulsatile tingling, pain for every sustainable 5~6 hours, or even longer time. I had to go to a hospital to have relevant examination, according to the results of the examination, the doctor diagnosed my illness as migraine. The doctor said to me, migraine causes more complex, the treatment is very difficult, only an antidote against the disease. So, the doctor prescribed ibuprofen painkillers to me, let me take in migraine.

Since then, start taking painkillers to alleviate the headache. But the side effects of analgesics many. I often adverse reaction of nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and so on after taking these drugs. I also have a stomach ulcer, every time after taking the medicine, my stomach will relapse, they often have to take the medicine for treating gastropathy.

I repeatedly medication treatment, has been four or five years. Last winter, I made a careful examination, advised me to use Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of nasal plug. He told me the prescription is: Taking chuanxiong, angelica, each 20 grams of fine fortunately, trichosanthin. These drugs along with research into Ximo, mixed evenly, bottling spare.

Ligusticum chuanxiong and has the efficacy of blood circulation of Qi, Qufeng pain etc.. Dahurian angelica root and asarum with dampness drive plug, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. TCS has Shengjinzhike, antibacterial effect of swelling. These four drugs are used in combination, have a good effect on the treatment of migraine. After returning home, I immediately in accordance with the doctor's prescription made powder. When I have a headache again, take out 2 grams of powder with cold boiling water, tune into a paste.

Then, I use cotton balls dipped in the drug paste, gently into the ipsilateral nostril, every 3 hours out, use drug 1 times every day. I use drug continuously more than 10 days, headache symptoms disappeared, so far no longer attack.

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