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Sexual dysfunction in women

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 09,2009, 2:33:17 PM
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What is sexual dysfunction in women?

Sexual dysfunction is a decrease in or lack of sexual satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction in women is very common. It affects up to 40% of women, most commonly young women, and tends to decrease with age.

What are some causes of sexual dysfunction in women?

The causes of sexual dysfunction in women are often interrelated.

Physical causes include hormonal imbalances, pain caused by injury or anatomical problems, and certain conditions such as diabetes.
Psychological causes include stress, marital discord, and previous sexual trauma.
Aging causes changes in the vagina, such as stiffening and lack of lubrication.
Certain medications, such as blood pressure and diabetes medications, may cause sexual dysfunction.

The four major types of sexual dysfunction in women are:

1.Decreased level of desire, such as fewer sexual fantasies or thoughts.
2.Inability to become or remain aroused or sexually excited.
3.Inability to have an orgasm.
4.Painful intercourse.

What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women?

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction include:

1.A decreased level of desire.
2.A decreased level of arousal.
3.An inability to reach orgasm.
4.Pain during intercourse.

How is sexual dysfunction in women treated?

Many cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, once the underlying cause is identified. Treatment may include treating existing medical conditions, education, and communication counseling. Because your sexual experience involves physical, emotional, and psychological factors, successful treatment requires a high level of comfort between the health professional and you, and possibly your partner.

How is sexual dysfunction in women diagnosed?

Women often recognize a sexual problem by noting an absence or change in their level of sexual desire or satisfaction. Your health professional will take a complete medical history and perform a physical examination, and then work with you to determine the cause of your concerns.

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