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Premature ovarian failure may cause infertility, how to prevent

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:21:32 PM
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Ovary is the organ that produces the egg, which has great significance to the growth of the female. If the female ovarian lesions appeared, the signs of premature aging, it will seriously affect the female fertility, cause a female infecund disease occurred. So, in the life of female friends must do a good job in ovarian prevention measures. Only in this way can reduce the occurrence of premature ovarian failure, so as to ensure the body health. So, how to prevent the occurrence of premature ovarian failure in women?

How to prevent the occurrence of premature ovarian failure?

1. Pay attention to diet, to develop good eating habits is the first step in preventing premature ovarian failure, a female friend in the daily diet must pay attention to nutritional balance, eat more fish and drinking milk, to improve the immune function of the human body; if it is intestines and stomach bad women must be Jichi cold, bitter excitant food, especially, physiological period during the coming in.

2. To keep the mood: women to maintain a good mood is also the prevention of premature ovarian failure in a way, if the long-term women in emotional, restless state, it inevitably resulting in women with premature ovarian failure and the reason is that women in the long run if the mood swings great mental stimulation, it will seriously affect the ovarian estrogen secretion to normal, so that women's posture bloated, facial hair is yellow wait for a symptom.

3. Adequate sleep: female friends in daily life must form the good habit of early to bed and early to rise, if women's daily sleep time is not enough, it will seriously affect the body's immunity, so that women appear menstrual disorders, premature ovarian failure and even the phenomenon of ovarian infertility.

4. Avoid sedentary: women if sitting for a long time will directly affect the pelvic reproductive organs ovary uterus blood microcirculation, thus impeding ovarian and uterine tissue nutrient supply. In the course of time, it will affect the normal ovarian function, thereby increasing the premature ovarian failure and the difficulty of treatment of premature ovarian failure.

5. Control of sexual intercourse: as is known to all women with amenorrhea, the body will be relatively easy to deficiency. Therefore, we must avoid excessive sexual intercourse, on the contrary, it will lead to female kidney qi decline, which directly cause the decline of ovarian function, premature ovarian failure occurs.

Warm reminder: the above is the expert on "how to prevent premature ovarian failure" this problem, hope to be able to bring the majority of female friends to help. In the life of female friends if found to have symptoms of premature ovarian failure, we must promptly to the regular hospital treatment, do not delay, and make an illness aggravating treatment to increase the difficulty.

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