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Post-partum resumption of menstruation and ovulation

Updated: Monday, Apr 20,2009, 8:15:55 PM
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Post-partum resumption of menstruation and ovulation, large individual differences. Generally do not breast-feeding mothers can be 6 to 8 weeks post-partum resumption of menstruation, breast-feeding mothers to resume later period, not even through the entire lactation period. After the first resumption of menstruation more often, and mostly non-ovulation period, to have three or four times after menstruation, menstruation and ovulation was returning to normal state. Maternal breast-feeding, the baby sucking the nipple of the reflex caused by stimulation to keep the release of pituitary prolactin inhibiting ovulation, not menstruation. 1 month post-partum that the strongest response to 3 months postpartum, the reaction gradually weakened the inhibition of ovulation and the resumption of ovulation be lifted, in Ovulation before menstrual. Some statistics, the maternal breast-feeding is not the first postpartum ovulation in 31 days, due to personal differences, and to use contraception to achieve the purpose of breast-feeding is not reliable, as the former first resumption of ovulation may also become pregnant, so from the post-partum 3 months starting on the use of effective contraceptive measures

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