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Laziness is the reason for male menopause

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 03,2010, 6:06:42 PM
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Diabetes, heart disease, depression, and other diseases may have a greater effect on the number of stosterone. On the contrary, the ageing problem has a small effect on it. Researchers refuted some myths of andropause. They pointed out that some medicine company take advantage of the cognition of some men who want hormone replacement therapy HRT to make a lot of money.

There are always many myths about andropause. However, researchers said that symptom that appear with andropause may be was caused by lazy and unhealthy living habit recently.

Some men announced that they also have hot flush, depression, and lack of interest in sex which post-menopausal women experienced. They imputed those symptoms on the change of hormone. But American researchers said that those men who have this kind of symptom are more probably caused by their unhealthy living habit, like gaining weight, smoking, and drinks too much.

The study by scientists shows that men do not have the problem of hormone decrease which middle age women usually have. The study also suggests that men’s hormone decrease gradually as they grows older—about 1% each year. But there was no proof that syndrome is exist.

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