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Knowledge of acute mastitis

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 4:22:26 PM
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Acute mastitis

Acute mastitis in primipara more common. Mostly occurs in the post-lactation milk stasis, or the baby suck the nipple was broken, bacteria invade duct, causing breast tissue of acute purulent infection. Pathogen mainly Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus. If the inflammation is not treated in time control, easy to form a breast abscess. The disease belongs to Chinese medicine, "milk carbuncle", the more uncomfortable because of emotions, liver depression due to stomach heat.

[Clinical manifestations]

1.  result of milk stasis caused by those who, breast swelling and pain, and a gray lump, discharge poor milk, skin color or red or white, accompanied by fever aversion to cold, eating torpid intake, fatigue embolism.

2. Inflammatory infiltration period: breast increased, swelling pain, local touch hot, hard sense of tenderness. Ipsilateral axillary lymph node swelling, pain, accompanied by high fever, chills and other symptoms of poisoning.

3. Abscess period: breast swelling Department was continuing to peck like pain, such as superficial abscess may be palpable sense of volatility. But the deep abscess or more hypertrophy of the breast, often difficult to fluctuations in a sense of touch to be OK before puncture under local anesthesia attending whether abscess formation. Accompanied by high fever subsided embolism.


1, based on the typical clinical symptoms and signs, can be diagnosed.

2. Hemogram examination: leukocytes and neutrophils were significantly increased.

3. The Ministry of tumor detection should be performed under local anesthesia puncture help abscess diagnosis.

4. B ultrasound diagnosis abscess help.


1. Western medical treatment

(1) Early ipsilateral breast should stop breastfeeding while using suction gS suck the milk out. Hold up the breast with the bra.

(2) Back to the milk thistle: oral diethylstilbestrol 1-2mg, 3 times a day, or bromocriptine 2.5mg, daily 2-3 times. Intramuscular injection of acid-diol can also be a day one times, each time 2nmg.

(3) local hot compress, or topical ointment ichthyol.

(4) antibiotic treatment: given enough penicillin C.

(5), abscess formation: pus aspiration, pus after the injection of antibiotics. Or incision and drainage should be sufficient. If several Vomica, should be separated Vomica intervals, if necessary, to take over the method of incision drainage.

(6) symptomatic treatment: analgesics for fever.

1. TCM

(1), the governing law

① Liver depression and stomach heat (initial): fever aversion to cold, breast tenderness, swelling hard, milk unreasonable, dry mouth suffering, when there is vomiting or swim, satisfied things will not fragrant, fatigue, thin yellow or yellow greasy moss, pulse a few strings.

Governing law: Shugan Qingwei, Tongru swelling.

Recipe: Bupleurum 10 grams, 10 grams of skullcap, Pinellia 10 grams, 10 grams arctiin and forsythia 15 grams, 10 grams of Gardenia, Prunella 15 grams, 15 grams of greed melon, honeysuckle 30 grams, 15 grams of trichosanthin , Chinese angelica 15 grams, 10 grams Loulu, Vaccaria 10 grams.

Persons qi chest tightness, Kagawa Chinaberry at 10 grams, 10 grams of Citrus aurantium.

Lochia not entirely, in addition Gardenia, Prunella, Canada Motherwort 30 grams, 10 grams Chuanxiong.

Back to the 10 grams of milk Gaggio Hawthorn, fried malt 30 grams.

Breast swelling and pain worse, plus frankincense myrrh the 'g, red peony 15 grams.

② The drug Yong Zhi (into septic phase); mass increased, the pain increased, breast fullness, skin color flip red, Zhuang heat to subside from time to time chills, thirst-hi drink mamillata yellow greasy moss, pulse a few strings . Such as local fluctuations in touch with a sense of the pus has formed.

Governing law: heat detoxification, Tuoli thoroughly pus.

Recipe: honeysuckle m g, Forsythia 15 grams, 30 grams of dandelion, ground small 20 grams, 10 grams of Angelica tail, raw Astragalus 20 grams, 10 grams Chuanxiong, artillery pieces 10 grams A, Salvia 20 grams, Gypsum (Xian Jian ) 20 grams, Gleditsia thorn 1O g, Bupleurum 10 grams.

③ qi and blood deficiency, are not I evil net (ulcer pus period): Rupture pus out, eliminate pain, reduce swelling, heat the waning influence, fatigue weakness, when low-grade fever, loss of appetite, tongue fat subdued moss white or less moss, pulse breakdown. Such as the pus out of poor, swelling and pain diminished, hot trend to subside into a pus period still rule the rule of law. Consumers can also be found slow swelling, or ulcer pus Qingxi, eventually becoming heal those.

Governing Law: Qi and business, I drive out evil.

Prescriptions; 20 grams astragalus, Chinese angelica 10 grams, the party at 15 grams, 10 grams of Health Atractylodes, red peony root of 10 grams, the Health and Cyperus rotundus 10 grams, 10 grams of licorice, honeysuckle and India grams, 15 grams of SFAS Chuanxiong 10 g, red sage root 20 grams, Lu Jiaoshuang (Xian Jian) 30 grams, 10 grams of Bupleurum, Citrus aurantium 6 grams.

(2) outside the lift method

① the beginning: to use gentle massage combined with heat or the promotion of exclusive breast milk, and topical cactus (smashed) or hot and humid with Glauber's salt deposited, or external application of gold powder or Gyokuro Powder can also be broken Liushen external application.

Acupuncture treatment: take the shoulder well, good at in Zusanli, strong stimulation to stay pin 15 - throwing minutes, day 1.

② into pus Issue: 1R Table abscess pus can be rough Sanleng Zhen Fang, deep abscess should cut removing the abscess, removing the abscess drainage was inserted after drug twist.

③ ulcer late: Insert 91 or 82 traitional twist Dan drainage, and topical cream golden. Pus after the switch to the net myogenic myogenic Yu-cream or powder.

[Prevention and nursed back to health]

1. Prenatal used towels, soap and polished nipple, and use the thumb and index finger pinch pull the nipple, so that the skin becomes tough.

2, breast-feeding period should be to keep the nipple clean, each feed milk to the milk of smoking should be empty. If smoking is not empty or milk and a sense of expansion, the application in hand squeezing or breast pump emptying.

3. Lactation with 30 grams of Jianshui Juhe clothing, to prevent milk stasis.

4. If the nipple being sucked broken. . Should be treated.

5. Duration of the illness to stop breastfeeding, light diet, ease of mind.

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