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Knowledge mycotic vulvitis

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 13,2010, 11:49:09 AM
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Mycotic vulvitis is a type of genital inflammation caused by yeast, the most common pathogen was Candida albicans. In the 10 ~ 20% of the normal woman's vagina may have a small amount of Candida albicans, but does not cause symptoms; only in the body resistance decreased when the amount reached a considerable pathogenic Candida. Therefore, the body's cells, low immunity, such as the application of immunosuppressive drugs in patients; vaginal epithelial cells, glycogen increased acidity, the fungal inflammation caused by the rapid propagation, it is more common in pregnant women, diabetes and patients receiving estrogen therapy.

When suffering from mycotic vulvitis vulva has burning sensation, swelling and itching, may have blister-like papules, appear in groups or showed eczema-like erosion, often complained of pain and painful urination sexual intercourse. Mycotic vaginitis, the main manifestations of the vulva, vaginitis, common symptoms include leucorrhea increase and the vulva, vaginal itching and burning, urination becomes even more evident, but also there are frequent micturition, urine, and painful sexual intercourse. A typical fungal vaginitis, vaginal discharge thick, white bean dregs-like or curd-like. Sometimes leucorrhea thin, containing white flakes or performance to normal. A typical diagnosis of mycotic vaginitis is not difficult, for examination can confirm diagnosis of vaginal discharge.

Treatment of mycotic vulvitis should be kept clean and dry the vulva, partial erasure 2% gentian violet solution or nystatin ointment 2 to 3 times a day. Should also be treating fungal vaginitis, if diabetes, should be actively treated promptly disable broad-spectrum antibiotics, the man has genital fungal infection should also be treated.

Mycotic vaginitis is available for 2 ~ 3% of the vulva and vaginal washing soda solution, or hip bath, gently drying of, the home nystatin vaginal suppositories in the deep, or nystatin vaginal cream Apply to walls, each sooner or later one or more nights each for a total of 10 ~ 14 days, about 50 ~ 80% of patients cured by the treatment. 2% gentian violet can also be rubbed the vagina, but the effects are less. Candida is not easy in the dry environment, the proliferation of hip bath or after washing the vulva should be kept dry, with mycophenolate itraconazole or clotrimazole suppositories or ointment 2 times a day, a total of 3 days or night time with 7 days, good curative effect, 85 ~ 95% of patients can be cured. Treatment of mycotic vaginitis should be accompanied by treatment of genital inflammation, cleaning the vulva, you use nystatin ointment eraser, if diabetes, to be treated at the same time. In order to avoid infection newborns, pregnant women suffering from fungal vaginitis, we must still carry out local treatment, the operation should be noted that soft. The disease can be infected through sexual life, sex life during treatment should be avoided, couples should also be treated. Refractory and recurrent cases of recurrence more common in the application of broad-spectrum antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs in patients, or for non-application of effective anti-fungal drugs, her husband did not carry out treatment, or treatment of mycotic vulvitis, did not kill the intestinal beads Bacteria are the leading causes of relapse.

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