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Improper diet will lead to difficulty sleeping

Updated: Monday, Jul 18,2011, 4:29:02 PM
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During the holidays, people are desirous of having good meals, sleep and rest; however, experts warn that improper diet will lead to difficult sleeping. It is reported that American dietitians have listed the latest seven day-to-day foods that taking away sleep recently and it is something worthy to read.

1. Caffeine Drinks

As we know, caffeine has been regarded as the chief culprit to insomnia, but Registered Dietitian Michelle from America said that although Caffeine wouldn't offer any energy to body, indeed it is a kind of stimulus that tends to increase human body's alertness and gives rise to difficult sleeping.

2. Cheese

Dietitians indicate that cheese contains a large amount of amino acid and Tyrosine, but Tyrosine in body can help to produce the transfer material of cranial nerve, namely Material dopamine, which is prone to make the brain more conscious, and more difficult to sleep.
3. Spicy Food

Eating too much spicy food results to sleeping problem; especially for the patient with heartburn disease, he who had spicy food in the supper would meet the worsening of the sickness when he lying down so that affecting sleep. Therefore, advice given by the experts is that eating spicy food is sooner rather than later

4. Processing or Smoked Meat

Experts indicate that processing or smoked meat contains a quantity of Tyrosine that brings about exciting dopamine. Processing or smoked meat not only disrupts sleep but also is considered as the least healthy junk food.

5 .Alcohol

Alcohol is provided with sedation, but in a weird twist, drinking alcohol leads to difficulty in sleeping at night. Experts indicate that a great number of people tend to relax themselves by drinking alcohol, but actually alcohol comes to hamper their body into the deepest sleep of REM (Rapid Eyes Movement). Just because of it, many people will snore loudly in their sleep after drinking alcohol, but they still feel dizzy and sleepy.

6. Milky Chocolate

Milky chocolate contains Tyrosine, but Tyrosine can be transferred into stimulus, Dopamine, which results in going not to sleep but being alert and awake, tossing and turning.

7. Ginseng Tea

As we know, some herbal tea is helpful for sleep but it is better not to add ginseng into the tea. Some people haven't got any reaction, while others may meet some problems such as insomnia, elevation of blood pressure. Besides, experts suggest that it is better to avoid having tea in several hours before sleeping.

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