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How to prevent cervical erosion? How should they care?

Updated: Thursday, Apr 10,2014, 10:29:24 PM
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First, prevention

1 , maintain a happy , proper exercise and enhance immunity.

2 , good contraception to avoid abortion . Attention to sexual health , while avoiding contact with multiple sexual partners .

3 , keeping the vulva clean , wash with water every day , there is no infection , do not use a variety of fluid to avoid damage to the vagina natural protective barrier.

4, if there is mild cervical erosion phenomenon occurs if an increase in vaginal discharge, color from transparent to white or yellowish-white , purulent or bloody , odor and other symptoms , they should be vigilant to the hospital for treatment.

5 , during treatment , because the wound has not been fully repaired and is not sexual life, sexual life after treatment do not meet too often .

6 , many patients after a period of treatment has been found to cure the symptoms disappear and think , and forget the need regular follow the doctor's advice , treatment halfway. Some women suffering from moderate cervical erosion think it directly at the pharmacy to buy medicine , this approach is wrong. In fact , mild cervical erosion can be cured with drugs , but the effect in patients with severe , medication alone is not obvious , and easy to repeated attacks.

7 , any drug can not be long-term medication : in particular, the vaginal environment , long-term medication easily lead to fungal vaginitis, is the flora. So there should not be a long-term severe cervical erosion medication, and to severe cervical erosion , long-term medication is not good, so I got to that line after inflammation would be better to do physical therapy .

Second, nursing

The following types of people need is a high risk of cervical disease , to prevent infections , you should regularly check :

1 , abnormal vaginal discharge , genital itching, lower abdominal pain, backache, fatigue , irregular menstruation and other symptoms ;

2 , sexual history more than 3 years ;

3 , regular and irregular taking contraceptives ;

4 , there are two or more sexual partners ;

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