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How to cure stubborn mould sex vaginitis

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 07,2016, 2:43:56 PM
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All the time, mould sex vaginitis is gynecological disease incidence rate is very high and it is difficult to cure the disease, therefore, for the treatment of refractory fungal vaginitis, we can refer to the following content selection.

How to cure stubborn mould sex vaginitis

1, change the vaginal pH value, such as the use of basic drugs to rinse the vagina, can be used to wash the vagina 4% to 2, in order to change the living environment of mold.

2, microwave therapy. A method of microwave treatment of mycotic vaginitis, mainly through the improvement of local circulation to achieve the purpose of medical treatment, through the stimulation of warm, local nutrition and metabolism significantly improved, promote the absorption and dissipation of pathological products, promote tissue repair and regeneration, and fungal vaginitis microwave treatment can enhance the vascular injury without compensation the role of improving tissue hypoxia, is conducive to the absorption of inflammation, can quickly eliminate inflammation.

3, drug therapy. Trichostatin A (trichomycin), in the treatment of trichomonal vaginitis. In addition, oral administration of (clotrimazole) or P. 5 ~ 1g, 3 times a day, or 1 ~ 5% topical ointment or cream liniment, daily 3 ~ 4 times, the effect is good.

Matters needing attention

In the treatment of refractory fungal vaginitis can be used to understand the method, the patient must pay attention to the regular cleaning of the genitals.

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