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How to Take Good Care of Vagina

Updated: Wednesday, Jun 24,2009, 9:58:31 AM
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It is health that there is secretion in vagina. Normal secretion has proper smell which is harmless and will be changed with the time every month.

What you should pay attention to is whether its color changes yellow, green even with foul smell or titillation in vagina. These symptoms indicated that there is problem, possibly vagina infects microbes and you should go to go see a doctor.
Pudendum should be kept neat as far as possible which should be washed by soft soap in the morning or evening but not hard soap, soothing lotionor toilet powder which may cause vagina infect.

Vagina will have colourless, transparent sticky secretion at half of menstrual cycle when is your ovulation period and gradually whitens and becomes viscous until before menstruation of the next time.

Recently deodorizer of private parts or laveur of vagina is very popular; as a matter of fact these things are unnecessary and will have problems on improper use.

Many people, especially girls care about odor on their body and afraid that coachfellow will run away because of this. In fact that is the wrong idea. Healthy vagina has unique smell truly, particularly when sexual desire is aroused.

When you go to bathroom, it is better to clean urine drop on closestool by tissue to avoid bring discomfort and infection of diseases. Anus should be cleaned from forward to backward after defecating to avoid bacterium invading vagina to infect.
Sanitary napkin should be replaced frequently in menstruation with at least four times each day. During this period you’d better shower more frequently than usual.

This is not dirty nor any wrong, even can attract opposite sex. Therefore, it is unnecessary to clean body from head to foot with one hour before going to bed.

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