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How to Prevent From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Updated: Sunday, Sep 27,2009, 1:21:49 PM
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Also known as venereal diseases, sexually transmitted diseases are diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse, anal or oral sex. Some of these diseases as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea. This spread of disease through the mucous membrane, the passage of pathogens and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The main causes of STDs are:

This discomfort can also be transmitted through breastfeeding.

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused mainly and most often through sexual contact with the affected person. Sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by vaginal, oral or anal sex
 These diseases can be transmitted through contaminated needles.

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through the mucous membranes of the vulva, rectum, urinary tract, eyes, throat and mouth. Sexually transmitted diseases through thick saliva secretions of the body, including means of sexual propagation.

An unborn child may also be affected by the mothers of sexually transmitted diseases and therefore may be born with them.

The germs that STDs are bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi and some protozoans.

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