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Health care and treatment of ovarian cysts

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 24,2009, 6:11:27 PM
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Ovarian cysts are common gynecological diseases, can occur at any age of women, more common in women aged 20-50. Mostly benign. In the young girls and postmenopausal women, its often malignant, should pay attention to. As the ovary in the pelvis, the tumor of early multiple asymptomatic, so early detection is not easy; malignant tumor was found, they often have an advanced and therefore a lower cure rate.

Second, treatment:

1, the chemical treatment: for malignant ovarian tumors, in addition to surgery, the chemotherapy can be supplemented with drug treatment.

2, surgical treatment: surgery abdominal incision-ta, action should be gentle in order to complete remove the tumor.

3, radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is often as a post-operative adjuvant treatment of patients and therefore interest rates or late treatment of residual swelling faster than 2cm in diameter were more appropriate.

Third, prevention and self-care:

1, regular surveys can often be timely detection of ovarian cancer. Once the diagnosis of a clear procedure should be as soon as possible. Malignant ovarian tumors should be surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and other comprehensive treatment.

2, follow-up observation: diameter less than 5cm of the cyst may be non-neoplastic cysts, most are free to disappear, but it must be regular follow-up and, if surgery should be immediately increased.

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