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Four kinds of food most afraid of the breast

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 3:43:58 PM
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Living standards are not generally improved, people eat more and more high demand. However, the problem of female breast is more and more serious, and it is more and more common in the examination of breast hyperplasia and breast cyst.

Actually, food is not good for the breast, especially has a crush of hyperplasia of mammary glands, and other issues, the diet must leave splenetic. The following 4 kinds of food can be to eat less.

1, meat

Excessive consumption of meat food, will eat more cholesterol, stimulating the body to secrete more hormone. High levels of human hormones, it is easy to form a breast lump.

In addition, studies have indicated that meat, animal fat can increase the risk of breast cancer in women. I like girls should pay attention to properly control the intake of meat collocation, carnivorous.

2, salt

Salt, generally refers to the sodium salt, sodium intake too much, will lead to fluid retention in the body, the internal liquid of the breast long-term stay, the circulation is not smooth, resulting in swelling, like a month before the feeling, and even cause mammary gland hyperplasia.

3, coffee

Coffee, coke, as the representative of the stimulating drinks, the young woman was deeply in favor of the young, but these are easy to increase the stimulation of the breast tissue of the body fluid, increase the swelling of the breast.

4, fried food

Fried food is not only high salt content, the heat is even more frightening, will accelerate the formation of estrogen in the female body, increase the proliferation of mammary gland.

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