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Dry skin

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 3:07:54 PM
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People grow

     As people grow, the skin retain moisture and the ability to decline, and will reduce sebum secretion, so that speed up the evaporation of moisture in the skin.

     Lack of sebum secretion

     The surface of the skin by the sebum membrane formation that can help the skin maintain proper moisture. Once the reduction of sebum secretion, it can not meet the needs of film production of sebum, the skin becomes dry.

     Temperatures dropped

     The cold winter, the sebum and sweat secretion are rapidly reduced, but because the air is too dry, allowing the gradual evaporation of skin moisture, the skin's surface becomes more rough, resistance will diminish.

     Lack of sleep, fatigue

     Lack of sleep coupled with fatigue, would be a considerable degree of harm to the body, blood circulation will deteriorate. When the health, loss of balance, the skin will be no vitality, susceptible to the phenomenon of dry and rough.

     Weight reduction, and partial eclipse

     Extreme weight loss and the partial eclipse will be the skin becomes dry. When the level of nutrients can not be adequately skin loses elasticity and moisture, when, so that the skin becomes dry and fragile. Dry skin disorder, also known as dry skin disease.


     Indoor heating temperature is too high, use the hot water bath, the use of a stimulating bar of soap or detergent, endocrine changes, such as women in post-menopausal estrogen decrease.

     Excluded because of lifestyle, habits caused by skin problems, by the customs point of view of nutrients in the prevention and improvement of skin problems:

     Essential fatty acids

     Modern one see the "fat" feel worry and fear, which I mentioned here is the essential fatty acids, it's like, like vitamins, is essential life-sustaining substances, in the particularly high content of vegetable oils such as safflower, soybeans, sunflower, sesame and so on. Usually the skin, the ear wax problems, the may, by a number of oil or nuts eat the food improved.

     A large number of drinking water, dry mouth and tongue, is often still feel that noise, which may be related to the lack of essential fatty acids are related. Because every body, if the lack of a cell membrane essential fatty acids, and its permeability will become large, but more likely the loss of water, so I often feel thirsty.

     Vitamin B6

     Clinically, essential fatty acids with vitamin B6 is often relevant in nature.

     Vitamin e

     If in the supplementary fatty acids, there is no further intake of vitamin Britain, France and in the biochemical metabolism is dangerous, and you can not feel this bad with this, because fatty acids produced in the cell membrane lipid peroxidation in action, while the vitamin e can be To prevent this action took place against a generally recommended 400 international units a day.

     Dry skin is not a trivial matter

     No one because of dry skin or dandruff too much death, but usually your skin can not get enough "essential fatty acids," then your heart, liver, brain and other organs can not get enough "essential fatty acids", and any a visceral problems, will cause dry skin problems worse.

     While dry skin may not hundred percent are the lack of "essential fatty acids," caused by, but the proportion caused by this factor is relatively high. And there are many problems with the "essential fatty acids," lack of concern, including blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, prostate and hormones, etc. will be affected. So which diet should be adequate intake of "essential fatty acids."

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