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Diagnosis of male breast cancer

Updated: Friday, Apr 30,2010, 5:18:05 PM
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It is a general term to refer to a type of disease manifested by abnormal development of the unilateral or bilateral breasts caused by various reasons in males. Mostly accompanied by distending pain of the bilateral breasts and feminism of the second sexual character, this disease occurs frequently in the middle-aged and old males or in the teenagers in the adolescence. Its clinical feature is female development of the unilateral or bilateral breasts, or palpable round mass under the areola, accompanied by pain. It is believed in Western medicine that this disease is mostly caused by dysfunction of male sexual hormones, and can also be induced by liver cirrhosis, diabetes and some hormone dependent diseases. It is believed in Chinese medicine that this disease belongs to the category of"Breast Node", mostly caused by obstruction of the breast collaterals due to emotional disturbance, stagnation of liver qi, and accumulation of phlegm, or by insufficiency of the kidney essence, failure of water in nourishing wood,failure of the wood qi in smooth circulation, and qi stagnation and phlegm accumulation due to congenital insufficiency, high age and deficient constitution. In addition, over sex and deficiency of the kidney yang with the disability to warm and disperse water and dampness, and phlegm accumulation due to yang deficiency in males can also cause this disease.

Diagnostic Essentials
This disease occurs frequently in the middle-aged and old males or in the teenagers at adolescence, simultaneously accompanied by liver cirrhosis, diabetes, testicle tumors, etc. Some patients in long-term application of estrogen can also induce this disease.
The patient presents distending pain in the bilateral or unilateral breast, projecting nipple, palpable flat and round mass under areola in a size of a chess piece and in tough or slightly hard nature with a clear margin, accompanied by slight tenderness. The severity of pain is related to emotional change.
In some patients, the breast enlarges like young girls, simultaneously accompanied by atrophy of testicles,and the female second sexual character of a shrill voice, no moustache, and broad hip.

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