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Daily 7 little things to keep you from the breast hyperplasia

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:56:17 PM
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Good mood

Yes, the most afraid of breast hyperplasia is that you are in a good mood! Because a good mood and normal ovary ovulation will not be bad mood obstruction, progesterone secretion would not be reduced, breast is not due to unilateral stimulation by estrogen and appear hyperplasia has hyperplasia of the breast will under the care of progesterone gradually recover.

Sleeping pattern

Regular sleep is not only conducive to the balance of endocrine, but also to the body of a variety of hormones to provide a healthy environment for the balance of the balance of health. The power of unity, a variety of hormone synergistic natural can beat the breast hyperplasia.

Harmonious life

Harmonious sex life first can regulate endocrine, stimulate progesterone secretion, increase the intensity of the protection of the breast and repair efforts. Of course, sex can also stimulate the secretion of estrogen, but under the supervision of progesterone, estrogen can only be good breast, there is no chance of breast hyperplasia.

In addition, the stimulation can accelerate the blood circulation, to avoid the breast due to poor blood circulation and the emergence of proliferation.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy, lactation is a good way to combat breast hyperplasia, progesterone secretion is sufficient, can effectively protect and repair the breast; and lactation can make the breast fully developed, and after weaning good degradation, not easy to appear hyperplasia.

Regulate menstruation

Women with menstrual cycle disorders were found to be more likely than others to be more likely to be able to be more likely to be able to be more likely to be able to be more likely to be able to be more likely to be able to be able to be more likely to be able to be.

Low fat and high fiber diet

Follow the principle of "low fat high fiber" diet, eat more whole grains, beans and vegetables, increase the metabolic pathway of the human body, reduce the adverse stimulation of the breast. Also, control animal protein intake, so as to avoid excessive estrogen, resulting in breast hyperplasia.

Vitamin and mineral supplement

The human body if the lack of B vitamins, vitamin C or calcium, magnesium and other minerals, the synthesis of prostaglandin E will be affected, the breast will appear under the other hormone or increase the excessive stimulation.

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