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Common abnormal clitoris

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 12,2010, 4:25:25 PM
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1, clitoris pain

Clitoris tiny and delicate, usually covered more than a clitoris foreskin, near the non-lubricating fluid secretion, so touch the pain caused by improper means is not surprising; in orgasm or after the occasion of her head like a penis glans clitoris as to become too sensitive, and then touch it will undoubtedly cause pain, both cases belong to a normal physiological phenomenon, not a pathological change. Here to discuss is the clitoris pathological pain.

Infections caused by clitoris pain the most common, such as genital herpes can be spread to the vicinity of the clitoris caused pain; vulvovaginitis is a common cause of pain led to the clitoris, such as gonococcal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginalis Yandeng involving the entire vulva, often causing pain in the clitoris. Others such as Bartholin's gland abscess, condyloma and other reflections can be caused by or associated sexual intercourse or touching of the clitoris when the pain.

Clitoral stimulation is caused by a variety of local pain, another important reason, such as diabetes often can cause genital itching, itchy, finally often accompanied by mold, trichomonas, and other secondary infections Ershi pain increased. Other systemic diseases such as jaundice, leukemia, anemia can also be accompanied by vulvar itching, carefully Wenzhen and inspection, not difficult to find primary disease. Tinea cruris, scabies, pubic lice disease, parasite eggs, etc. are also a common cause of vulvar itching. Chemical fiber underwear or jeans to wearing nylon pants female bodybuilding often Jinguo hip crotch, resulting in poor ventilation and lead to physical and chemical factors vulva vulvar itching caused by over-stimulation. Excessive washing or excessive use of perfume and other cosmetics are also harmful stimulation, may eventually cause pain in the clitoris.

Neuritis sometimes can affect the clitoris, the most common in diabetes-induced neuritis. The use of small doses of phenothiazines may alleviate the symptoms to some extent.

If women are not accustomed to wash the vulva, in particular, the clitoris and the foreskin is not clean, then there is the clitoris foreskin scale within the plot or small stones, like the sand, like fans eyes caused by abnormal pain during sexual intercourse, the clitoris scale associated with , the clitoris inflammation, the clitoris congestion and edema, and processes, a direct impact on the conduct of sexual life, when the patient should maintain a regular cleaning the vulva to prevent the formation of fouling. If the result of infection in the formation of the clitoris foreskin adhesion, it will cause long-lasting pain.

Second, the clitoris prepuce

Some women's clitoris prepuce leading to the clitoris head completely covered up, still covered with folds of the foreskin; some women, the foreskin is very short, on which very few folds. When the foreskin is too long women in sexual activities is not sufficient sexual stimulation and thus prone to cause low sexual desire or orgasmic disorder or both.

Abroad for female clitoris prepuce of clitoris circumcision issues, so that usually do not see the light of the clitoris is exposed, such operations in foreign countries has caused the medical profession and the community wide concern, it is believed can give women orgasm free foreskin is too long to bring miraculous results. The specific method is separation package tight head clitoris long foreskin, or blunt and short and thick coating of the probe will be punctured, so do not have a re-circumcision. But its long-term clinical effectiveness has yet to be explored, and it is only suitable for redundant prepuce, the foreskin is too long for non-free orgasm women were meaningless.

3, clitoris tumor

The clitoris and the clitoral prepuce may occur vulvar cancer, its etiology is unknown, but it usually involves a pioneer in cases such as leukoplakia, condyloma, genital itching, chronic inflammation, etc.. Cancer may also be transferred from other primary sites. Early showing that small lumps may be ulceration or a scratch on their own, often after the formation of ulcers bleeding and infection, accompanied by pain, only the incidence rate is not high.

Clitoral hypertrophy more with high androgen levels, generally do not need treatment, discontinuation or treatment can relieve post-primary disease, usually does not cause pain or discomfort, only slightly affected by its appearance only.

4, the clitoris is not sensitive or super-sensitive

Some women's clitoris very sensitive to lack of proper response to stimulus, usually caused by nerve damage caused by such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, vitamin deficiency, trauma, etc., causing nerve damage and paralysis, and some long-term dependence oscillator caused by excessive stimulation threshold increased, loss of sexual sensitivity, but also some of the psychological factors. They can persuade the patient to find other sensitive points, and new stimuli. Some women's clitoris particularly sensitive to touch and refuse any contact with, then the need for systematic desensitization therapy to break through the psychological barrier.

5, clitoris deformation or dislocation

As the clitoris can be traumatic fracture, deformation or dislocation, it clearly can affect the feeling of the clitoris and feelings, but it will not damage the penis male sexual function damage so serious. Multi-trauma due to hard objects on the Diezuo caused.

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