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Clean breast how to avoid injury

Updated: Saturday, Jun 12,2010, 5:08:22 PM
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Modern medicine, there are sebaceous glands and large breasts sweat glands, the breast skin surface of the oil is secreted by the sebaceous glands under the areola. Women during pregnancy, increase the secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands on the areola also will hypertrophy, nipple become soft, while the sweat and sebaceous gland secretions of the skin surface acidification also increased, leading to cuticle is softened. At this point, if the class is always clean with soap articles, from the nipple and areola wash away these secretions, breast care for women at a disadvantage.

Experts point out that regular use of soap type cleaning items will be washed away by mechanical and chemical action of the keratinized layer of skin cells, promote cell division and proliferation. If you continue to remove the keratinized layer of regular cells, it will damage the surface of the skin layer of protection to the epidermis swelling, this swelling is the local over-drying because the breast, and cell loss caused by bonding. If the night re-use soap and cleaning materials and is easy alkalinized local breast skin, and breast skin to re-cover the partial protective layer, and to restore the acidification of the environment, you need to take some time. Soap constantly alkaline skin surface, while also promoting proliferation of skin flora alkaline, more so the local acidification of the breast difficult. In addition, washing with soap, but also wash away the protection of local skin lubricating substances in breast --- oil.

Therefore, to fully maintain the local breast health, better selection of warm water washing.

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