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Chinese medicine to explain uterine fibroids

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 2:47:09 PM
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Hysteromyoma are more common in adult women's gynecological disease, between 30-50-year-old general, the higher the incidence of middle-aged women.
Chinese medicine believes that the impassioned internal injuries as a result of Hysteromyoma, dysfunctional organs.The study found modern medicine: leiomyoma of the estrogen receptor than the normal uterine muscle tissue, and leiomyoma cells of estradiol-binding capacity than normal uterine smooth muscle cells in 20% of the tumor than the content of estradiol High-normal uterine muscle tissue.

Clinical and Experimental Research into Treatment of Hysteromyoma with Promoting Qi Flow and Blood Circulation, Softening and Resolving Hard Lump One hundred and twenty cases of hysteromyoma were treated with Kangfu Xiaozheng Tablet (Tablet for Eliminating Symptoms of Gynecopathy) and the effect was compared with the group of Guizhi Fuling Pill ( Pill of Ramulus Cinnamomi and Poria). After medication, patients in the treatment group had a shrinking hysteromyoma and the improvement of symptoms such as irregular menstruation, pain in the waist and abdomen and so on. The total effective rate of 95.83% obtained in the treatment group was obviously higher than 82.00% in the control group (P<0.01). With the effect of eliminating symptoms, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation and stopping pain, Kangfu Xiaozheng Tablet has been found to be a safe drug without toxicity in acute toxicology and clinical observation.
Therefore of the view that the incidence of Hysteromyoma and long-term estrogen led to the high content of endocrine-related disorders.

So,It is proposed that modern women have to pay attention to the endocrine conditioning. For patients suffering from Hysteromyoma, can choose to adjust some of the endocrine taking Chinese medicine products; for other female friends, but also attention to in a timely manner to maintain the balance of the endocrine, it is best to choose some of classic women to take care of brand, in time to adjust Endocrine, and the elimination of siltation in the body.

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