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Cervical cancer: the world's only clear cause of cancer

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 07,2015, 3:44:30 PM
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Easy early detection, early diagnosis

The occurrence of cervical cancer is a result of many factors, at present a large number of clinical studies has confirmed that is closely related to cervical cancer and human papillomavirus; and the World Health Organization in 1992 announced HPV is the primary factor to cause cervical cancer.

HPV infection is a necessary condition for cervical cancer. 99.7% of cervical cancer can be found HPV-DNA, so we can say, no HPV, no cervical cancer.

When we prevent, control the HPV infection, it should be said that we have to prevent, control of the cervix cancer. So, now that cervical cancer is a kind of infectious disease, is currently the world only a clear cause cancer, is also expected to eradicate cancer. At the same time, the development of cervical cancer has obvious stages, it generally takes after precancerous lesions, carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma.

Sexual contact is the main route of transmission

HPV is a common non enveloped DNA virus, low immunogenicity, easy to form persistent infection, infection only stay in the local skin and mucous membrane, does not enter blood circulation produce viremia; therefore, the clinical use of antiviral treatment is invalid. It can be transmitted through sexual contact, direct contact and skin contact with the three ways of transmission, in which sexual contact is the main route of transmission.

As a result, women who have more than one partner, women with premature sexual behavior, or women with HPV who are infected with sexually transmitted infections, have a greater risk of cervical cancer. In addition, poor sanitation, poor health habits, etc., are likely to increase the chance of HPV infection.

At the same time, malnutrition will weaken the immune system to resist the ability of HPV infection, so as to increase the risk of developing HPV virus into cervical cancer. HPV can be divided into two kinds of high risk and low risk. As the name suggests, the former can lead to cervical precancerous lesions and cancer, which can lead to genital warts. That is to say, the main cause of cervical cancer that we say is the HPV infection is actually refers to the high risk HPV infection.

HPV infection most had no symptoms and signs, the majority of infections is a, just a HPV carriers, as carriers of hepatitis B virus like, mostly in a year or two to get rid of. Only sustained HPV infection can develop into different levels of CIN or cervical cancer.

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