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Cause cervical erosion causes

Updated: Thursday, Apr 10,2014, 10:27:52 PM
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Cause cervical erosion causes:

1 , premature sexual activity , too many sexual partners . Today's young people generally, there is the phenomenon of premarital sex , early sex life , frequent change of sexual partners and sexual intensity is too large ( more than 4 times a week ) , is the cause of cervical erosion can not be ignored .

2 , dirty sex . Because premarital sex is mostly hidden state , coupled with the young without a stable source of income , you can not create a stable , clean sex life environment, will greatly increase the risk of illness .

3 , repeated abortions . Of premarital sex leads to repeated abortions, diagnostic curettage , cervical dilation and other gynecological surgery , may lead to injury or inflammation of the cervix , the final cause of cervical erosion occurs .

4 , excessive cleaning . There are many women cleaning products on the market today , if you choose properly , use a larger concentration of disinfectant liquid to wash the vagina , will not only affect the growth of normal vaginal flora to inhibit bacteria decreased, while it will cause varying degrees of cervical epithelial damage, eventually erosion .

5 , due to the potentially huge market for condoms attracted many manufacturers, some small businesses are not far behind , so the quality of condoms is often mixed picture , according to the Family Planning Commission survey of condoms pass rate was 65%. About 70% of women suffering from gynecological diseases because of quality, but off the condom and cause cervical erosion and even unwanted pregnancies and so on.

6 , mechanical stimulation or injury: If sex, intrauterine devices , the invasion of repeated abortion and childbirth laceration and bacteria cause cervicitis ;

7 , individual differences in hormone levels ( pregnancy kimono oral contraceptives for women ) , likely to cause pathogen invasion . Common general pyogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus , streptococcus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae , Mycobacterium tuberculosis , viruses, actinomycetes, trichomoniasis , amoeba can cause cervicitis.

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