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Can be pregnant after suffering from mammary gland hyperplasia?

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:51:24 PM
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Hyperplasia of the breast is a common disease in gynecology, a lot of breast hyperplasia patients are afraid of the impact of breast-feeding and delay in pregnancy. Can mammary gland hyperplasia in the end can be pregnant?

Experts said that breast hyperplasia is mainly endocrine disorders caused by the lack of ovarian corpus corpus. Or the estrogen and progesterone secretion changes, eventually leading to sex hormone target organ of breast in the early hyperplasia and later subinvolution by.

Women in pregnancy after body will produce large quantities of progesterone and estrogen, promote effectively keep dynamic balance can not only reduce the negative stimulus on the breast tissue, but also can make the breast tissue to obtain the full development. Therefore. Mild hyperplasia of mammary glands in pregnancy does not necessarily increase the severity of the disease, some patients after pregnancy, symptoms will be reduced or even disappeared, so the patient can be pregnant breast hyperplasia.

Disease of mammary gland hyperplasia is a kind of self-healing, self limited disease, light, heavy, the light without treatment, temporarily to observe, pay attention to diet: do not eat barbecue, fried, puffed food; avoid contact with radiation; not abuse hormone, less used cosmetics containing hormones; avoid depression, mental tension. Avoid scratching. Severe if more mass, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning such as Xiaoyao Pill, milk, milk the provision of consumer, less mass, large such as diameter of 5 cm with pain, make surgical resection, relieve a symptom.

For ordinary women, breast self examination is very important. A month should find a time lying down or sitting down, with four fingers close together, flat stroking her breasts and feel there is no which parts of a foreign body sensation, if feels peaceful may is the location of long tubercle.

Check the time to pay special attention to the outside of the breast, because this part of the gland up to 45% of the mammary gland hyperplasia will happen here. Apart from the above is just above, below, below and areola may appear hyperplasia. Some women will be with the changes in menstruation, breast swelling, slight pain, this is a very normal phenomenon.

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