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Can Marriage Ever Prove Love?

Updated: Saturday, Aug 22,2009, 8:49:38 AM
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It is said there has been love since ancient which although is very mystical, actually permanent topic for people. It seems that love itself is eternally unchanged. Everybody discusses love. But who can talk clearly what love is actually? Perhaps it is only in a dream in heart.

At present it is an unchecked materialistic pursuit time. No body knows whether there is love. Love perhaps already was a dream of an ancient time. It is said love let a man and a woman mutual magnetize. It is said that love can make two persons who fall in love not break faith.

It cannot be denied that love is a strong belief which let people who trust love believe justice and happy in the world just as luciferous kindling material which never dies can illuminate soul and the life forever.

Love is so nice. What is it on earth? How to do can we have love truly? Falling in love seems find feeling of love. The sex act, seems can represent the expression of love. In a flash, lover has gone and sentiment has been far away, love has been as transient as a fleeting cloud.

Meeting love then losing love, which can prove existence of love? Some one said that marriage can prove existence of love. After people who love each other marry, it seems that they can be a harmonious union forever and love can endure as the universe.

The marriage was taken care of by the parents before. Before the marriage, two people have not even met each other and did not know at all, nor any love. The marriage is not because of love; marriage obviously does not exist for love.

In modern society, the youth men and women can be free love but not know how to prove existence of love. Knew obviously that marriage is not always touchstone of love, but there is no better choice, cannot help but say: if loves me, we get marriage.

They perhaps could not think they would possibly divorce when marry and think they can grow old with each other and never separate. But peospective matter is unable to known in advance. Nobody knows whether will divorce in the future. The marriage has disappeared and love also does not exist or has not existed at all.

Love is fall in love with a person, love his existence, and love him and your own coexisting. Money is a thing that is not part of one's body and has no positive connection with love nor proves love. Marriage is only one kind of life style and can not prove existence of love. Only heart which loves a person can prove love.

Love a person, if that person has not changed, the heart which you love him will not change and this is the true love. Two people who fall in love can not jilt a lover in their life time.


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