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3 parts of a woman's most likely to be old

Updated: Thursday, Jul 30,2015, 2:50:45 PM
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With the increase of age, age is an inevitable natural law. For women, aging is the most afraid of the face of the problem. A lot of people think that old age from the beginning, the fact is not so, the woman's most likely to have three parts, women should pay attention to protect. 1, ovary Ovarian secretion woman only organ for estrogen and progesterone, estrogen and progesterone will determine the degree of female youth and beauty or aging. After the age of 30, due to the secretion of ovarian function decline, our beautiful began to appear trouble irregular menstruation, color is not shiny, broken hair hair, wrinkles, rough skin, backache leg soft, fatigue, vaginal dryness, breast atrophy. Tip: maintain a good living habits, not smoking, not drinking, not stay up late, it is recommended that women should be at least 30 minutes more than a day. In addition, is not without signs of premature ovarian failure. Once you've found your menstruation reduction or sudden menopause, should be timely to see a doctor. Recommended for women friends at least once a year to check the body, and timely treatment. 2, brain At the age of 35, our brains begin to age, and the number of nerve cells in the brain begins to decline at a rate of 10000 per day, which affects memory, coordination and brain function. How to keep the brain a little more slowly? Tips: recommendations to nibble slow pharynx, when the teeth to chew food, blood flow to the brain will increase obviously, can guarantee the volume of blood supply to the brain, maintain normal thinking activity. In addition, chat can help stimulate the brain nerve cells to contact, promote brain thinking, slow brain aging, as the brain to do health care". 3, chest A strong chest is a woman's sexy sign, but the woman is 25 years old after the chest began to aging. With the growth of the age, breast tissue and fat began to lose, size and fullness and drop, will slowly began to droop, and if do not pay attention to the chest of health care, may also suffer from breast hyperplasia, breast cancer etc. disease. Tip: pay attention to breast health, breast self-examination. In addition, breast feeding can also avoid breast disease.

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