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difference between Chinese and Western medicine

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 1:50:37 PM
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To look at problems a different angle

Traditional Chinese Medicine from a macro point of view, would be regarded as an organic whole, all parts of the body affect each other. There is a macro accuracy of Chinese medicine, the lack of micro-precision; while Western medicine from the micro-look at the issue, using analysis, not to people as adults, but rather as a combination of various components, there are micro-precision is hardly a macro accuracy of . Epistemology tells us that a macro can be commander in chief, including micro-; micro-only show and explain the macro, not command and include the macro. Therefore, Chinese medicine can assimilate Western medicine, Western medicine can not be assimilated Chinese medicine. Can also say that Chinese medicine is profound, another 200 years, Western medicine has not keep up, but also not understand Chinese medicine. At this point, we have a national self-confidence.

Rely on different targets

Doctors give to find disease, Chinese medicine gives health to find. In order to rely on Western medicine as an object, medication to combat the disease, such as anti-inflammatory drugs sterilization. Chinese medicine is to rely on the patient's self-recovery capability, although sometimes a number of diseases, drug use direct confrontation, but the drug is mainly in order to arouse people's complex, open giant system of self-organization affordability. Western medicine is against the medicine, Chinese medicine is moderate medicine.

Toxic side-effect problem

Western medicine is extremely pure monomer, the structure clearly, the role of a single target. It was suggested that the role of traditional Chinese medicine is a multi-target, in fact, be inappropriate: the traditional Chinese medicine used to adjust rather than confrontation. Western medicine because of the role of a single, local confrontation, and toxic side effects great many times in history of major injuries caused by accidents illustrates this point, in recent years out of the PPA was another. Western medicine's side effects is its insurmountable one major weakness: food to fine the harmful drugs are toxic to sperm. As long as the syndrome differentiation, compatibility properly, there is little side-effects of traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese medicine considered to be drug-third of drugs, and stressed that "the disease while stocks last", "effect will be more parties," never advocated a large number of long-term medication, for several thousand years, there is no kind of traditional Chinese medicine because of side effects be eliminated.

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