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Western and Chinese medicine joint the treatment of obesity

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 10:29:47 AM
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Western medicine, also known as modern medicine, its main principle of treatment is to treat the cause. According to clinical manifestations, biochemical, radiological examination to find the cause. As long as the cause of clear, are elimination of disease because the treatment purposes; the cause is unknown, only symptomatic treatment, but the effect is less certain. In addition, Western medicines used by each role and more than a single component.

The amount of obese people from eating more than consumption, that is, people more than out, government restrictions on who was the first volume, can be complemented by suppression of appetite or reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs, to let out more than the purpose of entry, thereby reducing weight. As long as obesity, treatment, similar to the principle, but the severity, how much difference between the amount of administration.

Syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, to look, smell, asked to be cut by a variety of syndromes, according to organs, meridians, yin and yang, the Five Elements theory, by category, dialectical seeking for. The previous paper, we can see, only there are multiple causes of obesity, and giving of treatment programs are different. The case of Spleen dampness type, it would take Lishi Wen spleen; the liver Qi stagnation and blood stasis type, then the Tongfu Shugan, medication is entirely different. Chinese medicine treatment can be seen, multi-vary, the amount of prescription drugs in Medicine Smell different, and after treatment of patients with a variety of changes in syndromes and timely adjustments, thus derived from the decoction medicine more often than good results. According to TCM theory, the disease is often a body meridians, qi and blood is running sluggish performance, it is frequently administering treatment given to the body conditioning, but do not emphasize dieting.

Combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the unification of the diagnosis and treatment of obesity assessment standards for the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine combine to lay the foundation for c the current combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of obesity with a single method or single-use traditional Chinese medicine with Western medical treatment compared with the following characteristics:

(1) treatment with each other: such as taking Chinese medicines containing controlled with diet; dietary restraint with acupuncture or Qigong; physical therapy plus clothing such as Chinese medicine.

(2) Western Mixture: In recent years launched a number of weight-loss drugs are the product of combining Chinese and western medicine, the use of certain functions of medicine, coupled with the function of traditional Chinese medicine and body conditioning role in enhancing the efficacy, reduce side effects. The use of Western medicine pharmaceutical technology, purification of the active ingredients of Chinese medicine to improve the route of administration of Chinese medicine, such as granules, topical cream (promotion of decomposition of subcutaneous fat), etc., easy to use.

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