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Treatment in Western medicine

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 11,2009, 1:44:24 PM
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       1. Herb therapy
       A. Wind cold type. The patient complains of chills, headache, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge thin, rapid breathing and the beating of alae nasi. His mouth is held open with difficulty breathing and shoulders are high and it is unable to lie flat. On examination, the tongue is covered with layer of white paint
and the pulse is smooth and fast.
       The management principle is to eliminate the wind, expel cold, remove
phlegm and calm asthma. The formula of choice is Monday Qin Xiao Tang Jia
       Chinese ephedra 6g
       Cassia (twig) 10g
       Wildginger (whole plant) 2g
       Pinellia (tuber), 12g
       Magnoliavine Chinese fruit 12g
       Dried ginger (rhizome) 10g
       Blackberry lily (rhizome) 10g
       Herbaceous peony root 12g
       Fritillary bulb 10g
       Tatarian aster (root) 24g
       Common Coltsfoot Flower 10g
       Apricot kernel 12g
       Decoction and dosage. All herbs over a dose and six to ten doses
with a prescribed daily dose. Each dose is cooked twice and then the broth
each joint, half the broth mixture each time, twice a day.
       B. Pulmonary heat type. This type is characterized by a cough with yellowish
mucoid phlegm and rapid breathing that is done with the effort, or even
beat with alae nasi. The patient's mouth remains open and shoulders
high and it is May or May not have fever. On examination, the tongue is
found in yellow coating and the pulse is quick and easy.
       The principles of treatment are eliminating phlegm, clearing heat, calming
cough and asthma. Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Jia Jian is the best formula for
       Chinese ephedra 10g
       Apricot kernel 12g
       Gypsum 15-30g
       Honeysuckle flower 15-30g
       Weeping Forsythia 15-30g
       Blackberry lily (rhizome) 10g
       Fritillary bulb 10g
       Root-bark of white mulberry 30g
       Perillaseed 15g
       Seed-18g welsh onion
       Racine violet flower Peucedanum 15g
       Licorice root 6g
       Decoction and dosage is the same.
       C. Phlegm stagnation type. The characteristics of this type are feelings of tightness in the chest and the abundance of white thin mucus that is easy to spit. On examination, the language is slippery and covered with mucoid layer of white paint and the pulse is slippery.
       The basic principles for the treatment of drying dampness, eliminating phlegm, relieve cough and asthma compensation. San Yang Zhi Tang Jia Jian Qin is the best
       Perillaseed 12-20g
        10g of white mustard seeds
        18g of Chinese radish seeds
        Seed-Welsh 12-20g onion
        Tatarian aster (root) 15-30g
        Common Coltsfoot Flower 10g
        Apricot kernel 12g
        Fritillary bulb 10g
        Racine violet flower Peucedanum 15g
        Root-bark of white mulberry 15-30g
        Root of the narrow-leaved Polygala 12g
        Dried orange peel old 12g
        Pinellia (tuber), 12g
        Decoction and dosage is the same.
        Some loans such as herbal tablets Hai Chuan Zhu Xi Di Tablet are also
effective for the disease. And Jin Kui Shen Qi Pills and Wu Zi Bu Shen pills are also recommended to boost the vital gateway to the middle phase, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine that asthma is linked to kidney failure and lung energy vital.
       2. Acupuncture therapy
       A. For the cold wind type.
       Points: B13 Feishu, L7 Lieque and LI4 Hegu.
       B. For the heat-type lung.
      Points: S40 Fenglong, CV22 Tiantu, L5 and Chizé Dingchuan Pt (extra).
       C. For phlegm stagnation type.
       Points: B13 Feishu, Taiyuan L9, S36 Zusanli, B23 Shenshu, Mingmen and GV4
CV Tanzhong.
       Method: All items are perforated with strong stimulation and needles
are retained for 20 to 30 minutes.
       3. Ear acupuncture therapy
       This treatment is given during the acute attacks.
       Points: Lung Pt, Pt Kidney, Adrenal Gland Pt, Pt Pt Never Sympathetic and asthma.
       Method: Whenever two or three points are above the tile and the hole
needles are retained for 30 to 60 minutes. Each course consists of ten to fifteen
perforation and treatment was stopped 3 to 5 days between classes.
       When combined, these therapies are very effective for asthma.
When administered separately, Western medicine is good for the attacks to relieve the acute phase and traditional Chinese medicine is more desirable for chronic cases.
Acupuncture offers a fast attacks of asthma in the acute stage.
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