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TCM treatment of tumor characteristics and functions.

Updated: Friday, Oct 30,2009, 4:28:16 PM
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Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment for cancer patients has been widely accepted by patients, their progress more rapidly, Chinese medicine treatment generally have the following characteristics:

(1) According to traditional Chinese medicine theory and the dialectical method in Treating cancer treatment. A lot of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer of specific rules, such as the righting Pei Law, promoting blood circulation method, heat detoxification method, Ruanjian Sanjie law. However, the clinical to righting pui blood circulation law applied to this and more. For example, Yang Liu Jiaxiang with Ziyin gas Onyang detoxification program with chemotherapy prescriptions strict control, the treatment of primary small-cell 122 patients, treatment results show that this law can stabilize the Chinese righting Pei lesions, improve immune function, 1 year, 3 years, 5-year survival rate, simple Chinese medicine group was significantly higher than that (single-oriented group).

(2) The method of Chinese medicine to treat malignant tumors more, such as a single prescription has Meihuadianshe Dan, proliferation-ping, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, the Senate, lotus films, such as liver Lok Fu. Outside there is Toad analgesic cream drug administration, after the clinical observation of lung, liver, stomach and pancreatic cancer pain such as caused by a variety of really good analgesic effect, non-addictive and toxic side effects, with the blood circulation of disease, pain swelling effect.

(3) Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer can improve survival and quality of life, with different options for the merger parties Fuzheng anti-cancer, treatment of advanced gastric cancer (surgery) 56 patients after 12 years of follow-up, the 5-year, 10-year survival rates were 30.36% and 12.5% compared with palliative surgery or chemotherapy alone is better. Fuzheng anti-cancer side (Codonopsis 20g, Health Astragalus 30g, Atractylodes lOg, Health plantago-jen l5g, Agrimony 9g, Bai 3g, Hedyotis diffusa 3g, Aescin a flower l2g, Iwami wear 20g, etc.).

(4) Chinese medicine radiotherapy and chemotherapy are attenuated synergistic use of Chinese medicine to prevent cancer in patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine to treat cancer is a major feature, not only the successful completion of treatment, there are obvious synergies attenuated, can still extend the survival of cancer patients.

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