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TCM treatment of gastric cancer

Updated: Friday, Oct 30,2009, 4:25:08 PM
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In recent years, the rate of malignant tumors of the illness on the rise. The incidence of lung cancer accounts for the first one, while the incidence of gastric cancer ranks second behind lung cancer, gastrointestinal malignancies for the first,

It is reported that the high incidence of gastric cancer is 40-60 years period between the ages of about 70%.

Factor in the pathogenesis of gastric cancer may be related to long-term residents geographical environment, bad eating habits, prolonged exposure to cancer materials (such as N-nitroso compounds-ling) Helicobacter pylori infection, chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric polyps, gastric ulcer, subtotal gastrectomy residual and other related gastritis.

Traditional Chinese medicine that: Gastric cancer is a traditional Chinese medicine Stomachache, nausea, etc. Ye Ge. Of gastric cancer treatment: surgical treatment of gastric cancer is currently the main treatment, including radical surgery, palliative surgery such as removal and short-circuit. The current 5-year survival rate of early gastric cancer has reached more than 90%, or even completely cured. Chemotherapy treatment (ie chemotherapy) is also an important component of comprehensive therapy of gastric cancer, including preoperative chemotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy and postoperative chemotherapy. Commonly used chemotherapy drugs including doxorubicin, epirubicin, mitomycin, 5-fluorouracil, furtulon, cisplatin, oxaliplatin, paclitaxel, Taxotere, Xeloda and so on.

Currently targeted therapy is a meteoric rise, causing widespread concern, after several years of clinical testing, has officially used clinically, such as the C225, trastuzumab, bevacizumab and so on, these targeted therapies have the following characteristics : 1, with chemotherapy drugs compared to a broad spectrum of anti-tumor, curative effect, drugs, side effects, easy-to-tolerance; 2, combined with chemotherapy drugs, to a certain extent, additive effects can play a role; 3, multi-target of The emergence of targeted therapies for refractory and advanced treatment of cancer has brought hope.

TCM treatment of cancer have four major functions:

1, with the role of killing tumor cells can directly kill the tumor cells, some drugs can induce tumor cell apoptosis, and the other part of the traditional Chinese medicine can block angiogenesis so that tumor cells can not get adequate nutrition, the supply of death.
2, with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, can significantly reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with increased sensitivity and synergy.
3, can significantly improve the patient's quality of life, reduce symptoms and prolong survival time of patients with late stage.
4, improve patient immunity, enhance body disease resistance.

TCM syndrome differentiation with disease differentiation of gastric cancer in order to combine the main, generally divided into the following card types for treatment, including hepatogastric not and type, stomach heat Shangyin type, spleen Deficiency type, phlegm and blood stasis type, wet heat of the storm type, blood type double loss. Among these six types, wet heat of the storm-type accounts for about 30%, therefore, key to the spleen dampness, aromatic Huazhuo is the important principle of Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer, one of the author Whenever this type, most of them have three-jen-pei Tonga beans Treatment can often get a better therapeutic effect.

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