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Of mental illness mental treatment method of Chinese medicine

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 1:46:33 PM
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Combining Chinese and Western medicine study of treatment of mental illness began in the mid-50s of last century, nearly half a century, combining Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of mental diseases, has done a lot of work and achieved some results. More recently recognized approach is the introduction of modern Western medicine diagnosis, TCM clinical differential diagnosis, that Western distinguish disease, combined TCM treatment of mental illness.

Depicting specific clinical applications, the length of Chinese and Western medicine and complementary its short so as to improve the clinical effects of treatment of mental illness. For example words, a mental patient in the clinical restlessness often exciting, passive suicide, impulsive assault and other symptoms, which is characteristic of mental illness. Required in the short term, rapid control of active symptoms, in this regard than the effect of western medicine is excellent. However, in the maintenance treatment, western medicine and there to maintain a large amount of adverse reactions more with less than a high relapse rate, if this time the use of Chinese and Western medicine combined method, based on western medicine was added, later reduced by Western medicine, Western medicine in order to reduce adverse reactions and seeks to reduce the relapse rate, to slow the table root.

The following describes some of the clinical treatment of mental illness unique approach and achieved breakthrough results:

1, the raising of Anshen law: flustered easily applied to psychiatric symptoms associated with panic, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and dreaminess persons; prescription for Yang Anshen soup.

2, Pinggan Qian Gang Law: application of psychiatric symptoms accompanied by headache, dizziness, irritability, rapid pulse powerful persons; prescription for Pinggan qianyang soup.

3, Qi Jieyu law: application of psychiatric symptoms associated with emotional vulnerability, sighing, chest tightness, not Shu persons; prescription for Qi Decoction.

4, Ziyin Reduce Pathogenic Fire: application of psychiatric symptoms associated with mouth pain, throat, trouble anxious, tongue red, pulse a few persons; prescription for Ziyin Reduce Pathogenic Fire soup.

5, Onyang excitement Law: applied to psychiatric symptoms associated with fatigue, minimalist looking, Tuisuan feet soft, pulse weak persons; prescription for Onyang excited about soup.

6, promoting blood circulation method: no significant signs applied to the four clinic Eight Principal negative, dominated by psychiatric symptoms alone; prescription for Xuefuzhuyu soup.

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