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How can Chinese and Western medicine combined

Updated: Saturday, Oct 31,2009, 7:01:39 PM
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Combined Chinese and western medicine has been a hundred years of history. At present the concept of integration of Chinese and western medicine a variety of perspectives and the corresponding number of ways. In sum: while the use of Chinese and Western medicine; the joint use of Chinese and Western medicine; medicine Westernization; western medicine and so forth. Described below.

How to use both Chinese and Western medicine?

Refers to the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine or medicine put on the same prescription applied to the patient. This combination of Western origin of the first way is also the clinical application of the more common way.

Clinical application and research work is now reported that many: If the clinical treatment of coronary heart disease, angina total effective rate was 87% of the "comfortable casual," 37 by the traditional Chinese medicine, red peony, turmeric and Western hearts may be set composed of lactic acid . Fong Sammi after use of Chinese medicine compatibility with the blood circulation of qi analgesic effect, although the role of a long time, but more moderate effect of the disadvantages; adding lactic acid heart could be fixed, that is quick to play its advantages, but also its role to overcome the time short-term deficiencies.

This combination of Western medicine can be said to each other, complement each other. Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, respiratory two common diseases. Clinical use of "surge Liping suppository" treatment of bronchial asthma, has a fast onset, long-lasting benefits. The suppository of clenbuterol on the excitement of bronchial β-adrenergic receptor on bronchial smooth muscle relaxation effect; and Datura metel contained in the biological event there are anti-cholinergic effects, could lift the bronchial smooth muscle spasm. Therefore, this suppository, mainly through increased β-receptor blocker M cholinergic receptor function in Bangkok with the playing surface anti-asthmatic effect. In addition, three plants such as Shanghai Chinese medicine prepared by burn coating liquid (ethanol extract of Polygonum cuspidatum plus nitrofurazone), the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Preparation of the compound of the Yellow River-fluorouracil tablets (5 - fluorouracil, cyclophosphamide, shark liver alcohol, calendar is quiet, Baiji, cuttlebone powder) plant in Guangzhou, one of Xiaoke Pill Chinese Medicine, Qi Xing manufacturers can produce gas pains, and so scattered. State Department, such as Japan, stability and useful Lingguizhugan soup made medicines together. This practice western medicine used in conjunction with each other, from the perspective of drug efficacy achieved good results, but only as a Chinese and Western medicine combined with the initial stage.

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