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Chinese and Western medicine treatment of heat stroke

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 1:33:39 PM
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Chinese medicine believes that feelings of heat in summer heat stroke caused by external factors Evils yes, while the lack of righteousness is leading to the attack of exogenous evils of the internal disease. Summer, summer heat in season, high temperatures, humidity, the body upright, if insufficient or overwork Hao Shang-chun, gas, heat of the gas can invade the human body and disease, therefore, the occurrence of this disease has obvious seasonal. Under normal circumstances, the elderly, bedridden patients, maternal, newborn easy to heat, outdoor operations are also easy to heat stroke. Dr. Zhang Ping believes that the treatment of this disease in order to Qingshu Xiere as the basic rule law, to highlight a "fast" is used.


According to syndrome differentiation conditions can be obtained good results.

Summer into the National Yang-Ming Zheng Jian sudden high fever, headache, dizziness, sweat more than thirst, dry yellow moss, pulse a few such as Hung. This card is a heat injury, gas, heat caused by Sheng Yang Ming. Governance in order to Qingshu Xiere. White Tiger Decoction: Gypsum 30g, Zhimu 10g, licorice 10g, reed rhizome 30g, watermelon Tsui clothing 30g, rice 10g.

 gas heating summer hurt upset, spontaneous perspiration thirst, Shenpi fatigue, less moss, pulse force of nothingness. This card is a heat-wound gas, Tianjin two injuries caused by gas. Governance in order to Qingshu Xiere, Sheng Jin Qi. Qing Qi Decoction Department: Ginseng 10g, Dendrobium 10g, Ophiopogon japonicus 10g, Coptis 6g, bamboo 10g, the Netherlands stem 10g, Zhimu 10g, licorice 10g, rice 10g, watermelon Chui clothing 30g.

For gas heat off Zheng Jian-chun, a sharp fall in more than sweat, upset thirst, mental fatigue, pulse force of nothingness. This card is a summer injury-chun, gas, due to Qi want off. Governance in order to Qi, Sheng Jin, solid off. Shengmaisan Modified: Ginseng 10g, Ophiopogon japonicus 30g, Schisandra 10g, Dendrobium 10g, rice 10g, watermelon Chui clothing 30g.

Heat moving wind Zheng Jian fever, body twitching, trismus, Shenhun loss of consciousness, pulse a few strings and so on. This card is a heat-flourishing, due to wind-induced liver. Governance in order to Qingshu Xiere, Pinggan interest the wind. Antelope Uncaria Decoction: antelope horn powder 1.5g (blunt), Gou Teng 10g, mulberry 10g, Chuanbei 6g, fresh habitat 30g, chrysanthemum 10g, Health peony 10g, Health and licorice 10g.

In urgent cases, it can under the conditions given Zixue dispersed, Po Dan, Angongniuhuang Pill nasal feeding, but also stimulate the acupuncture strong people, customs, and other points inside.

Western Treatment

1. Harbinger of heat stroke in patients with mild heat stroke should immediately leave the high-temperature operating environment, to a cool quiet place to rest, add cool salty drink, can be gradually restored. Mild heat stroke while respiratory and circulatory failure tendencies should be given intravenous glucose saline drip, if necessary, can be breathing and circulation stimulant.

2. Severe heat stroke must be urgently rescued. Principle of treatment is too high a body temperature rapidly reducing them. Correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base disorders and active prevention and treatment of shock, brain edema. There are two specific methods of cooling:

Patients were placed in the physical cooling at room temperature (25 ℃) in a quiet sick room. In the head, armpits and groin, etc. placed on ice, using cold water, ice water or alcohol, brush, and hair with the fan to the patient. When necessary, patients can be outside the body except the head immersed in 4 ℃ in a water bath, cool limbs to patients in order to prevent the peripheral blood circulation stasis. In the physical cooling initially, as the skin by the cold can cause the skin to stimulate blood vessel contraction and muscle tremors, but affect the promotion of body heat and even heat, so that the temperature increases. Therefore, at present the majority advocate the use of drugs and physical co-cooling method.

Drug cooling the cooling of drugs currently used are mainly chlorpromazine, and its role has the following aspects: the Ministry under the control of hypothalamic thermoregulation center; expansion of peripheral blood vessels, speed up the heat, relax muscles, reduce muscle tremors, to prevent the body heat too much; reduce the cell oxygen consumption, making the body better hypoxia tolerance against the role of histamine to prevent shock.

Aspirin and other drugs are available together with the use of chlorpromazine.

In the above-mentioned cooling process, the need to strengthen care, pay close attention to body temperature, blood pressure and heart conditions. Once the rectal temperature dropped to around 38 ℃, it should immediately stop cooling, in order to avoid the risk of hypothermia and exhaustion.

3. Complication prevention of cardiovascular disease are the elderly and should not be too rapid intravenous rehydration; a tendency to heart failure are advised to apply as early as possible rapid digitalis preparations; have acute renal insufficiency, we must strictly limit the water and sodium intake, particular attention to the concentration of potassium; a suitably large number of jaundice were vitamin B and C; coma in patients prone to aspiration pneumonia or combined with other secondary infections, may be appropriate to use antibiotics as a precaution.

In short, heat stroke can be prevented, as long as we do a good job protection, can prevent injuries.

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