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Chinese and Western medicine treatment of cancer

Updated: Saturday, Oct 31,2009, 7:05:08 PM
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Chinese and Western medicine to treat cancer in China were gradually accepted by the scholars and the patient. Traditional Chinese Medicine found that cancer patients by the doctors after tumor resection of lesions in the receiving chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy, if the acceptance of Chinese medicine conditioning, can enhance human immunity, reduce the side effects can even be extended survival.
In China in recent 40 years in the use of Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine to treat malignant tumors, is increasingly being accepted by scholars and the patient was considered to be a comprehensive treatment of cancer and effective methods.

Experts say, surgical resection is still the first choice for cancer treatment program. When the patient's tumor was found, first of all based on Western medicine surgery removed the tumor, unless the patient's condition has gone to be an operation situation. Surgery removed the tumor or after the removal of most of the tumor, we can follow-up treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy). He said: "At present, China oncologists for cancer treatment's basic view is: doctors who are qualified to carry out surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment of cancer patients, first of all should choose surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in this the most effective way to remove or anti-cancer cells. "

4 Progress in Cancer Medicine

In the long-term medical practice and clinical experience, the combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the progress of the treatment of cancer there are four major areas:

First, to improve the clinical symptoms and quality of life and improve survival rate; 2, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to reduce the side-effects; three to improve surgical results, reduce surgical complications, and; 4, preventing recurrence and metastasis, blocking precancerous lesions .

Experts said China's TCM oncologist conditioning for cancer There are three main areas:

First, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy course of treatment combining traditional Chinese medicine treatment in order to help overcome the surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy in the process of side-effects, and on the human body which may cause harm or injury.

Second, if the patient in surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and subsequent years, while taking a long time that can improve immune function and adjust the human body yin and yang, qi and blood body fluid, balanced internal organs of Chinese medicine, you can prevent tumor metastasis, to prevent recurrence, prolong survival effect.

Third, who can not carry out surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy in patients taking traditional Chinese medicine can help inhibit tumor cell growth, to alleviate the patient because the tumor caused by a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, improve quality of life, and the appropriate extension of the patient's survival.

Before and after surgery to traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

Traditional Chinese Medicine there are three aspects of conditioning for cancer

With regard to surgical procedures on the human body injury, assisted living care centers Zhu Ping Xuan doctor said: "The cancer patients during surgery due to anesthesia, bleeding and surgical trauma, the patient can cause general weakness, this time to take that will help if the patient benefits nourishing qi in Chinese medicine, such as Ba Zhen Tang, in the final card balls, we can help the patient blood metaplasia, which promote physical speedy recovery. "

Experts said: "The post-operative fasting, especially in the digestive tract after surgery for gastrointestinal decompression, can cause gastrointestinal damage, lack of appetite, abdominal distension wrist full, stool unreasonable, nausea, vomiting and so on, then on the application of conditioning Xiangshayangwei Chinese medicine, such as the spleen and stomach pills, spleen pills, ginseng spleen balls can help. "

Surgery should be complemented by traditional Chinese medicine, when conditioning the specific method is prior to surgery 1-2 weeks ago and began taking Chinese medicine, if you can eat after surgery can be immediately continue taking medicine. "

Western medicine used to treat cancer, chemotherapy drugs, many would give rise to bone marrow suppression, resulting in the patients white blood cells, red blood cells and thrombocytopenia, in a large number of anti-cancer cells also often have side effects from the chemotherapy drug-induced severe toxicity and injuries so that patients will be unbearable, but also often cause the patient must discontinue chemotherapy. In terms of Chinese medicine can enhance the conditioning chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells, while the use of Qi and spleen, nourishing the liver and kidney medicine, you can significantly reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy, so that the successful completion of chemotherapy.

Experts say: "traditional Chinese medicine in improving the body's white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in unique effects. Many clinical studies have confirmed that Chinese medicine can be overcome bone marrow suppression caused by chemotherapy, as well as to help patients successfully complete the entire course of treatment with chemotherapy."

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