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Chinese and Western medicine combined with effective treatment of diseases

Updated: Saturday, Oct 31,2009, 7:07:29 PM
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The early years of Chinese medicine treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis a significant effect in preventing recurrence and effective. Steroid hormones is difficult to long-term use. The use of Chinese medicine is controlled from the steroid hormone continuous take.

Traditional Chinese medicine combined with early diabetes, diet, exercise therapy, can obtain good results. Cases have been developed, combining traditional Chinese medicine treatment, to relieve symptoms and prevent relapse effectively.

Chronic bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis Herbs and antibiotics, the disease can easily control. Chinese medicine treatment, and intermittent antibiotics can be effective.

Chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, the treatment of advanced cases is difficult, but the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment better than that of pure Chinese and Western Medicine.

Some of hemiplegia after stroke medicine to promote blood line of traditional Chinese medicine can prevent seizures, and reduce paralysis.

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