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Chinese and Western medicine be integrated prevention and treatment of eczema

Updated: Saturday, Oct 31,2009, 7:03:02 PM
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Eczema in the summer easy to attack, or even persistent unhealed to deal with eczema should adhere to combining prevention with control. First Affiliated Hospital of Chinese PLA General Hospital, Dermatology Director Dr. Zou Xianbiao, said the high summer season, skin disease, due to temperature, humidity, suitable for all kinds of animals and plants, insects, fungi and a variety of substances have begun the large population of pathogenic microorganisms grow, increased allergens in nature, will lead to skin allergies, causing a variety of skin diseases, including eczema, the most common.


Home air conditioner dust filters 1 ~ 2 weeks should be cleaned once a seasonal uniform to conduct a thoroughly after use cleaning and maintenance, in order to remove all dirt and disease-causing microbes. Summer sleeping mat wash before use should be scalded with boiling water, then into the sun exposure, use the process, but also frequently with hot water washing, drying. Clean indoor plumbing to make full use of the wet cloth to prevent dust flying in the air. Do not use feather marbles, because it will easily lead to "the transfer of dust." People who have allergies try not to use carpet, because the carpet is very easily absorbed and a number of small dust particles, such as mites, mold spores and so on. Try not to hair dye, hair dye if you want to no more than twice a year, hair dye allergy test done before, particularly in hot summer weather, not to hair dye. When women in the selection of cosmetics, be especially careful. Before using the patch test carried out locally, if there is erythema, papules, vesicles and other reaction, indicating the cosmetic allergy should be discontinued. The more serious causes of eczema, without identifying the circumstances, try to avoid food allergens and irritating easy food.

Avoid hand-scratch partial, or use hot water, soap and salt water wash locally, not using some strong external medicine irritating smear partial.

Eczema is not contagious because of eczema on the skin surface of a long, coupled with often accompanied by erosion, exudate, scaling or pigmentation, etc., gives rise to psychological disorder. Some family members or colleagues for fear of being infected with the patients distance, further aggravating the patient's psychological burden. Despite the onset of eczema will be repeated, but not contagious.

Treatment of eczema with a recurrence of a scientific nature, the proper approach should be a timely manner to the regular hospital for treatment by professional medical treatment to regulate the condition of patients.

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