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Chinese and Western medicine How to understand the rheumatoid

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 1:31:14 PM
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Rheumatism in the name first appeared in the Han dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing "Golden Chamber": "the patient to make a pain, the drama on Asr who were rheumatism." "Su asked Bi theory" that "wind cold dampness to the three gas hybrid combined into Bi ", while noting that" its culture as a line of Bi Sheng who, chill person to Tong Bi Sheng, who is a moisture-sheng Bi. " The so-called Bi persons, each with its emphasis on a sense of time in the wind cold dampness of the air also. All these shows wind cold dampness of the evil Jieke induced paralysis. "In the" Plain Questions Comments thermal theory "that" cold hot and humid, not true, alone can not hurt. "It is about the internal virtual is a rheumatic disease, is sick of this. But cold humid six evils exogenous evils such as the invasion was the notification of the external factors, is an illness marked. only a combination of internal and external factors, that led to the occurrence of rheumatism. Therefore, it can be said the body upright rheumatism deficiency, Camp Wei disorders, experience six evils of the evil, but as the disease together. or falling into is virtual, endogenous phlegm, blood stasis, drugs, hot, good and evil and Xiang Bo, so that the meridians, skin, blood, bones and even organs blood limb caused the closure resistance pain, numbness, swelling, deformation, stiffness and other symptoms in general. Therefore, rheumatism, also known as Bi Syndrome. it with Western medical science is similar to rheumatic diseases.

Western medicine rheumatism originally referred to the rheumatoid arthritis, also known as rheumatic fever, is caused by streptococcal bacteria, allergic diseases, mainly involving the joints, the heart, which was later extended to include rheumatoid arthritis. The modern meaning of rheumatism, from a clinical point of view, where as follows: The onset, or acute or slow, joint pain, local swelling, numbness, flexion and extension negative, some patients can cause bone and joint damage, muscle atrophy, motor function disorders . Regardless of how the cause, all included in the scope of rheumatism. Its scope includes almost all the affected bones and joints and soft tissue such as a large class of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis, frozen shoulder, osteoporosis, , gout, sciatica and so on. These diseases are a common feature of rheumatism, is a major disabling disease, which seriously affect human health. Therefore, we should attach great importance to medical treatment as soon as possible, maintain a healthy body.

whether North or South, have a high incidence in the districts, if you have suffered from rheumatism, in general, the early positive and comprehensive treatment, most patients a better recovery. This disease late or long-term unhealed, can result in ankylosis, deformity, muscle atrophy, loss of daily self-care ability, and even turns into a life-long disability and eventually died.

TCM is mainly experience that rheumatism wind cold dampness evil, leading to Bizu meridians, qi and blood to run sluggish. Treatment should be Qufengchushi, promoting blood circulation Tongluo, prescriptions for rheumatism soup mainly to meet the consumer network pain, rolling Dan Panlong 7, Lott appropriate treatment, have a good effect.

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