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Chinese and Western medicine, how to treat stomach ulcers

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 3:28:43 PM
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At the same time the body has ulcers factors and anti-ulcer protective factors, the latter dominated, as normal; the former dominant, peptic ulcer may occur. If this balance has been a long-term damage, will become chronic ulcers.

Chronic gastrointestinal ulcers occurred mostly in young adults. Gastric ulcer duodenal ulcer is about a good hair older than 10 years later, the average age of female patients than men. Gastrointestinal ulcers are common, the overall incidence of approximately 10% -12% of the population.

Upper abdominal pain is the most common symptoms of ulcer disease, often rhythmic, cyclical and long-term character. The nature of pain, often for the pain, burning, pain, hunger, pain, or pain, in order to paroxysmal dull mainly those who have persistent pain, which can be basic drugs and food respite. Gastric ulcer pain in the abdomen or left position, duodenal ulcer is right, posterior wall ulcers penetrating radiation to the back pain can be. The duration of each pain attack mostly 1-2 hours, some for several days. Seasonal onset of pain is generally the easiest Qiumodongchu disease. Postprandial gastric ulcer pain occurred in more than half an hour -2 hours, and then by 1-2 hours after mitigation. Its own rules for eating - Comfort - Pain - comfort. Duodenal ulcer pain usually occurs in the fasting, eating only after mitigation, its own rules for eating - comfort - pain, pain often awake at night. The onset of peptic ulcer may be accompanied by belching, acid reflux, salivation, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, about 10% -25% of patients, particularly the elderly often supreme typical symptoms such as abdominal pain, but gastrointestinal bleeding for more than or the treatment of acute perforation.

The disease should take comprehensive measures, equal emphasis on physical and mental. First of all, the spirit of life factors on the occurrence of peptic ulcer development have a significant impact, so an optimistic mood, the law of life, work and rest and avoid excessive stress, whether in the onset of the disease period or remission are very important to . Secondly, the diet should pay attention to: 1. Slowly, to avoid the emergency food, chewing can increase saliva secretion, which can dilute and neutralize stomach acid, and may have to improve mucosal barrier. 2. The law of eating, in order to maintain normal digestive activity rhythm. 3. Shaochiduocan acute active phase with suitable, eating 4-5 times a day can be one, but the symptoms under control, should be encouraged to quickly revert to the usual three meals a day. 4. To avoid fullness, eat snacks. 5. Acute active phase should quit alcohol, avoid coffee, tea, concentrated broth and hot pepper, vinegar, spicy food, as well as aspirin, drugs such as gastric mucosa injury.

Western medicine: 1. Sulfuric acid drugs can reduce the stomach, duodenum acidity, relieve pain and promote ulcer healing. 2. Anticholinergic drugs can inhibit the vagus nerve and the reduction of gastric acid secretion, and vascular smooth muscle to lift spasm, improve local nutrition and delayed gastric emptying time, thus contributing to food and antacids and acid neutralization. But it will delay gastric emptying, resulting in increased gastrin secretion, it is not appropriate for gastric ulcer. 3. Histamine H2 receptor antagonists is currently the drug of choice for treatment of peptic ulcer. 4. Proton pump inhibitor and metronidazole and antibiotics over the composition of triple therapy for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori-positive peptic ulcer.

Chinese medicine treatment include the spleen Qi, Shugan and stomach, Liver Xiere, promoting blood circulation Huayu, nourish Stomach-Yin, convergence acid and other methods. Chinese and Western medicine treatment of ulcer disease with a combination of synergy through a variety of ways to achieve acid, spasm, inflammation, promote ulcer healing effect.

Western treatment of ulcers, long-term easy to relapse, while the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine to consolidate good results. Acute ulcer healing, if carried out in order to spleen Qi-based consolidation therapy, from the Spleen and Stomach, improving body resistance to start, to avoid recurrence of ulcer disease. Studies have shown that Jing Hua Qi Wei Kang Capsules with cold-dispelling, the effect of promoting blood circulation Huayu, you can quickly relieve abdominal pain, lasting protect the gastrointestinal mucosa can be alone or in combination therapy with the medicine the stomach, duodenal ulcers, relapse prevention, effect is significant.

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