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Chinese and Western medical treatment of digestive diseases

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 1:29:45 PM
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In recent years, combining Chinese and Western medicine treatment of digestive diseases has made remarkable clinical efficacy in some difficult diseases, has also shown signs of greater strength and. Now choose its authors, to show their estimates:

Stomach, the combined Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric precancerous lesions, the clinical syndrome improved significantly faster than western medicine, acute inflammation of gastric mucosa lesions subsided significantly, to gastric atrophy, intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia also shows a certain degree of mitigation and reversal of roles. The therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine on peptic ulcer obvious, and can reduce recurrence. Chinese and western medicine of triple therapy combination of anti-Hp eradication rate can be achieved not only on its more than 90%, but also has less side effects and low cost, efficacy and good stability, and compliance benefits. Enteropathy, the TCM Syndrome Differentiation of systemic administration of drugs and Local enema or a combination of Chinese and western medicine therapy on chronic non-specific ulcerative colitis is better than or similar to Western medicine, its efficacy and stability, less side effects and greater advantages . Traditional Chinese medicine to improve the driving force for all parts of the gastrointestinal tract disorder has strong conditioning role, in particular the bi-directional regulation of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine is more of Monensin and the other has great potential value, it is worth exploring in depth.

Chinese and Western medicine treatment of viral hepatitis in improving the clinical symptoms and liver function impairment, the effect of significantly than western medicine, in enhancing the body's own immune system and regulate aspects of nutrition, metabolic disorders are not inferior, in particular the prevention and treatment of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver, but also show outstanding results, non-Western medicine can and.

In addition, the biliary and pancreatic diseases, the combination of western medicine in treatment of acute cholecystitis and cholelithiasis with good results, although inflammation subsided and western medicine is almost the same, but the symptoms improved rapidly consolidating effect. Of acute edematous pancreatitis can be cured only traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine combined treatment of acute severe pancreatitis and may improve efficacy, reduce complications and reduce mortality. Experimental studies have shown that-ri capture of law and promoting blood circulation method of lung injury in severe pancreatitis, pancreatic Xuexun barrier, intestinal barrier damage had good protection and improvement of the role provided for the efficacy of the theory of cellular and molecular studies basis. In the above treatment of digestive diseases, the effect achieved by combining Chinese and Western medicine for the development of new academic ideas has laid a good foundation, because of good efficacy, and to clarify the mechanism of its efficacy, among them there must be some merit in exploring the a scientific theory.

Prevention and treatment of digestive diseases with Chinese and Western medicine Although we have achieved a lot of progress, but from the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to create the new requirements of gastroenterology is still lagging far behind. Therefore, we believe that in the future to do a good job with the work of Chinese and Western medicine, we must first grasp the focus, and passed a breakthrough, to make vigorous efforts to achieve greater results. First, in the "difficult patients" treatment to play the advantages of combining Chinese and Western medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine or TCM-WM treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis although certain effect, but its exact effect of still further expansion of verification, the focus should be placed on pre-cancerous lesions on the prevention and treatment. Healing of peptic ulcer disease in the near future of medicine broadly similar efficacy, but the relapse rate is high. Therefore, improving and consolidating the efficacy, relapse prevention is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of peptic ulcer disease development. Strengthen the gastrointestinal precancerous lesions, hemorrhagic necrotizing enterocolitis and pseudomembranous colitis and other ailments prevention and research.

Currently considered chronic non-infectious, particularly gastrointestinal functional diseases, most of the etiology and pathogenesis have not yet completely clear, but such a high incidence of clinical disease, the symptoms are numerous repeated protracted, often painful to patients, generally dissatisfied with western medicine treatment. The traditional Chinese medicine and combination therapy by syndrome differentiation, that is, patients with psycho-social, physical, biological, and environmental and many other factors to strengthen the "targeted", "individual" and "comprehensive" treatment can often be achieved outstanding effect, which reflects the advantages and characteristics of TCM syndrome differentiation is very worthy of further in-depth study.

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