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traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health: health and longevity

Updated: Monday, Apr 01,2013, 9:28:27 AM
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The integration of life with nature
TCM believes that man lives amidst the universe and his vital activities are inevitably influenced by the natural laws of material movement. Therefore, all the activities of the human body inevitably has formed close patterns with nature. The relationship between vital activities of the human body and nature as well as society should be harmonious and orderly. Otherwise, it is not good for health. This is the thought of "man's relevant adaptation to nature" and "unity of physique and spirit. "Accordingly, special emphasis is placed on the harmony between man and natural and social environments.

Health and longevity on harmony
The theories of TCM stress the significance of harmony and balance. It holds that the substance metabolism of the human body should include ascension and descension, that psychology and physiology should be mutually harmonious and that psychological disorders may be regulated with visceral movement while body diseases may be cured with psychological therapeutic methods.
TCM life cultivation and rehabilitation follows the patterns of natural changes so that the pace of life process is accordingly adjusted with the changes of time, space, four seasons and climate. For example, emotional health care should be neither supercilious nor obsequious, but mean and moderate;sleep neither excessive nor insufficient;sexual life neither ignored nor excessive while the body needs labor but should not be exhausted, etc. All these are based on the unique theories and methods of health and longevity.

Comprehensive physiological and psychic life cultivation and rehabilitation
TCM has numerous life cultivation methods, but it emphasizes comprehensive regulation so that people should not focus on or have partiality for one method only. Meanwhile, perseverance is required to achieve more overall and comprehensive prevention of diseases and health care as well as functional rehabilitation from natural environment to food, clothing, shelter and transportation, from life preference to mental hygiene, from enhancement of physique with drugs to health care through sports, etc.

The principle of treatment based on the individual physique, seasonal conditions and local conditions in the basic TCM theories is also applicable to health preservation activities and rehabilitation treatment. People differ in sex and age; time includes the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter while geography varies in south and north as well as high and low. All these should not be lumped together. Different methods of health preservation and rehabilitation should be reasonably adopted on the basis of differentiation of the similarity and difference according to the following discussion in each chapter to achieve the best health care.

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