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that rehabilitation can involve many issues including

Updated: Friday, Jun 18,2010, 1:07:08 PM
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that rehabilitation can involve many issues including

that rehabilitation can involve many issues including:

    * pain caused by arthritis, injury to the neck or back or disease conditions such

as fibromyalgia
    * serious injuries resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries

and amputation
    * other injuries such as sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome and work

related injuries
    * disease conditions such as a heart attack or other heart conditions, stroke,

osteoporosis, cancer and post-polio syndrome

    * musculoskeletal issues such as joint replacement surgery and other surgeries to

repair bones and muscles
    * some conditions causing vertigo (dizziness), such as benign paroxysmal

positional vertigo and Ménière's disease.

Whatever the condition, one of the most important keys to recovery is participation.

results from several studies stress the role of physical activity in rehabilitation.

Rehab can happen at many locations - a doctor's office, a physical therapy center at

a hospital or even at home.

you should take an active role in planning your rehabilitation.

You should set meaningful goals. Both long-term and short-term goals are important.

Short-term goals are things you should reasonably be able to do in 1 to 2 weeks. They

are the building blocks to get you to your ultimate long-term goals, and they may be

revised many times over the course of rehab.

It is important that you communicate with your rehab team. Often there's more than

one way to achieve results. If one exercise is not working for you, let your team

know. They may be able to recommend another approach.

Surviving the initial phase of an illness or injury was your first success. Playing a

major role in your recovery plan - and adding some physical activity to your daily

routine - can help speed you along the way.

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