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Tuberculosis patients can not eat eggplant

Updated: Friday, Mar 26,2010, 3:31:03 PM
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TB is a chronic wasting disease, including tuberculosis is more common. Patients need high-protein (protein supplement products, protein supplements information), high-sugar, high-fat and other nutrient-rich food. However, it was reported that TB patients, especially those serving isoniazid, rifampin anti-TB drugs often cause food poisoning or food allergies, the common are:

Eggplant: anti-TB treatment of TB patients allergic to fresh eggplant easy. A randomized study found that a group of patients to eat eggplant all in 40 minutes -60 minutes, there are different degrees of allergic reactions. Such as facial flushing, skin (skin products, skin information) itching, irritability, generalized erythema, chest tightness, and other allergic reactions. TB patients, such a situation occurs after eating eggplant, light can serve allergy treatment, and a period of time not to eat eggplant, and other similar foods, severe life-saving treatment should be invited to a doctor.

Milk: oral rifampicin at the same time the consumption of milk, a few hours after the drug absorption. The fasting, one hour after taking the drug concentration in the blood can reach the peak. Therefore, taking rifampicin and Lee rapidly fixed period, not to drink milk while eating to prevent the reduction of drug absorption. Taking isoniazid should not use lactose and eating sugary foods, because the lactose completely hinder the body's absorption of isoniazid, so they can not play a pharmacodynamics.

Certain fish: The fish can cause allergies are generally non-scale classes and non-fresh fish, fresh water fish. No scales fish tuna, mackerel and Spanish mackerel, horse fish, horse mackerel, squid, sardines and so on. Not fresh fish such as octopus, yellow croaker and so on. Fresh-water fish such as carp. Isoniazid treatment of tuberculosis in useful process, the consumption of these fish prone to allergy symptoms, light are headache, dizziness, nausea, skin flushing, mild conjunctival hyperemia, severe cases, facial flushing, burning sensation, palpitations pulse fast, lips, and Ma facial swelling sense of Qian measles-like rash, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, blood pressure, or even hypertensive crisis and cerebral hemorrhage. Causing death at home and abroad have been reported. The reason is isoniazid is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. The histamine content of fish, high expectations, so the lack of a large number of effective monoamine oxidase of its oxidation, resulting in substantial accumulation of histamine, causing the symptoms. Not only in taking isoniazid can not eat during the high histamine-containing fish, 2 weeks after drug withdrawal, but also fast these fish. Consumption of other fish in the cooking and then adding an appropriate amount of Hawthorn and then steamed or braised, or add some vinegar, can reduce histamine levels. Toxic reactions occur, shall be promptly sent to hospital for treatment.

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