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TCM Unravels Sleep

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 1:39:52 PM
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Chinese medicine's view, almost all, whether from the Qi-deficiency or from the gas generated by human organs surplus sleep disorders, mainly kidney and heart.

Kidney and the human body all the organs, storage of energy. When the energy storage capacity of the kidney damage may lead to sleep disorders. According to traditional Chinese medicine can prevent kidney energy shortage holding kidney energy. When this happens, energy, upstream, disrupting the heart (spirit). This, in turn, keep a sober person.

As a human being old, and as a natural part of aging process on the kidney energy reserves are depleted. Energy can be restored, to take remedial measures tonifies kidney. This is mainly herbs. In addition, the qigong postures and exercises are beneficial to the kidneys, so you can help the sleep process.

Studies have shown that some insomnia may be due to peptide (the body's own) natural painkillers, acupuncture enough, so is often a useful treatment. In acupuncture, patients often become drowsy and even fall asleep may be due to the level of the central nervous system endorphins increase.

Some violence and emotional damage to liver qi, while the stagnant into the fire, encroachment Shen reason of mental disorder and insomnia.

Excessive consumption of greasy or sweet foods can cause fluid and sputum remain in the stomach, causing stomach qi failure, and eventually sleep.

Heart palpitations, insomnia is the nature of liver and kidney failure results. If the key in essence, from the heart can not be added that among the normal physiological coordination of heart and kidney failure will occur. These conditions also may cause a fire or excess Heart qi deficiency of blood in the heart and gall bladder. Any of these programs can be expressed in some patients for fear and cowardice.

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