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See sputum, to determine whether sick

Updated: Friday, Apr 10,2009, 10:57:30 PM
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See sputum, to determine whether sick

In medicine, from the sputum by coughing or sputum color quality and quantity to determine the right remedy, can basically be divided into six categories:

Sputum retention in the body, not only will growth and reproduction of respiratory tract pathogens, resulting in the deterioration of inflammation, but also bronchial obstruction, the occurrence of hypoxia, such as breathing difficulties.

A, pulmonary sputum cold:

Of white sputum expectorate it very clear form in patients with cold hands and feet cold, evil bad cold and a slight fever, coughing chest pain, severe panting, pale, etc. Qingbaikouan.

Second, sputum Hyperactivity:

Expectorate sputum color of yellow, sticky, there are blocks, blood or sputum, and fever cough, chest pain serious breath, red and inflamed throat pain, thirst, dry lips, a short red urine, dry stool guitar, tongue Red moss yellow and so on.

Third, cold-induced pulmonary disease

Sputum less foam, accompanied by fever, see a serious cold, cough, runny nose stuffy nose, itchy throat, head and body pain, a sharp tongue while red, white and so thin the situation of the tongue.

IV deficiency dry lung

Less difficult for a viscous sputum, bloody sputum. If the evil caused by dryness, generally have fever, severe cold, chest pain, black lips, dry nose, throat thirsty.

If the result of deficiency, there are virtual trouble Insomnia, hot flashes sweating, the two zygomatic red red, red tongue fewer symptoms such as moss.

V. evil caused by the wet lung

Sputum volume, white slip easily expectorate, limbs, inability to re-trapped, lying Anopheles vertigo, nausea trance night.

6, heat-Yun Lung

Strong cough spit phlegm (sputum with blood) or foul bloody sputum, high fever or hot flushes, chest pain, asthma may not be lying, mouth dry throat, irritability.

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