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One hundred years live to the "unique skill”

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 07,2009, 11:27:02 PM
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The protection of life, health, longevity, are thousands of years there has been a sought-after goal. However, there is no trick how long? Necessary because of the author, had the honor of the centenary Shouxing substantial contact with the health information, and interviewed dozens of centenarians living Shouxing, found that some of the living habits Shouxing the existence of a number of different places , these differences appears to have become their health "trick."

107-year-old martial arts in Beijing Shouxing Wu Tu-nan infirm from a young age, after pointing out the people, learn Tai Chi Chuan and start knives, guns, swords, sticks and other martial arts. A few years later, an illness, physical strength is also up until late in Dy, body has been very good, has never suffered from serious illness. Deep to him said: "The exercise will not only enhance the physical, but also increase the alertness of the people and enhance memory. People live longer, there should be a healthy body, positive emotions, well the spirit of indomitable perseverance, not ten thousand Cardiff block of courage. "

Shouxing returned from Taiwan chen xun although 110 years old, but still the spirit of healthy, ruddy face. He is quite good health research, one of which was to sing opera. The elderly can not only consider the swap opera of his life, are more important to sing opera at the time, it is necessary to Shen hypogastric gas,  has the effect of keeping fit; and opera-structured, elegant rhythm, through the Beijing Opera can also learn to sing strengthen the memory and learning ability.

Self-made Chinese herbal medicine used to prevent disease, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province are 113-year-old has a bright long life Shouxing "trick." old the elderly after the hill on the outskirts of a city often go tree collection root, rabbit ears Maple, turn left rattan and other Chinese herbal medicine for the prevention of rheumatoid jian wash, feet. She also home-made tea, drink all the year round. Adenophora spring and summer drinking, Ophiopogon japonicus, ginseng tea tablets; autumn and winter of ginkgo leaf tea to drink and put some rock sugar tea.

Sichuan Province Tujia Xiushan 105-year-old civil Doctor Wang Zhongyi's health "trick" can be described as unique. More than 100 years, from him every day that Dawn, in bed meditation, qigong practice with, and talk of "Pulp jade" (that is, the mouth of saliva) swallow mouthful slowly, and then to breakfast. Over a hundred, he is still prepared and responsive, agile mind and body as if in their prime. Ancient medical books have been saying: "saliva filling, but also often with the pharynx, the five internal organs to run, Wyatt skin, is immortal."

Hunan mountain out of four hundred years old Zhuang Shouxing eat ants put his longevity as a "panacea", a few decades ago, he fell from the hills the next day wake up feeling hungry tough, see there is a layer of stone by the sun on the sun ants die, grasping to eat him. But the food, eat up the addiction. FREE from this one on him go to the mountains looking for nests, ants washed put dry food slowly brine.

Hanyang District, Wuhan Shouxing 108 HE Zhong-year-old life is willing to bad temper, he knew that the "problems" with the defeat and good health. However, its own approach to the elderly: when the hearts of rancor rises, patting his tearful to the table,a descendant of his "parents" one-off thing, then restore unabated. This dumbfounding "Law," the home of a descendant is also used to play This is known as "Song of the nose."

literary world, a hundred grams Shouxing subscript s humorous put their own health as a "trick." Had someone ask him what is the secret of longevity? Him laugh A: "I only look like more than 70 years of age, are special because at that age being supervised my work for 30 years and 30 years equal no  live Naturally, should be deducted from the 100-year-old, the deduction, of course, only 70 years old. "humor, including a special language of the absurd era, but also reflects the positive spirit of the elderly


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