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Naturopathic medicine treatment of pharyngitis

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 18,2014, 10:09:23 PM
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Most sore throat is caused by bacteria are generally divided into two kinds of acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis , pharyngitis is a common disease in the throat . Pharyngitis care should be taken to prevent the cold , diet should be light ; laryngitis care should be taken to vocal rest .

A walnut governance laryngitis

Take walnut 10 , go hard shell , not clothes , morning and evening service. 15 days for a course of treatment. Walnut has anti-inflammatory , lungs, phlegm, cough and other effects. Can cure sore throat , cough and other diseases.

2 , tongue movement

Laryngitis causes sore throat, dry itchy throat , swallowing a foreign body sensation , can be taken tongue movement law , to receive good results. Namely: closed , tongue against the teeth , forward 18 times, reversed 18 times, three times and then the mouth to swallow saliva , sooner or later, each doing a stick .

3 , Massage

Massage: After a day early , on the left hand palm coated with 3 drops -4 drops of essential balm , massage ( clockwise ) throat 20 times -30 times.

4 , the left hand ring finger point pressure

If the point of his left ring finger pressure can play a good analgesic , anti-inflammatory effect. Point pressure method with his right thumb and index finger points directly to the rhythmic left hand ring finger pressure , adhere to three times daily , before meals point pressure . Point pressure every 10-15 minutes, usually 3-4 days can play a healing effect .

5 , fresh dates , honey and tea juice tune

5 dates with torches burned skin , into the sugar water Beverage ; take the right amount of tea wrapped with gauze , with a hot boiled water into the tea juice, then add honey and mix thoroughly , rinse once every 30 minutes , slowly swallow , once every several times. These methods for the treatment of sore throat, pharyngitis has a good effect .

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