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Masters' experience in life cultivation and life prolongati

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 11,2009, 12:29:03 PM
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During periods of Spring and Autumn and the Warring States, Lao Zi, the origin of Taoism, presented his ideas on the culture of life "Cherish no worries and keep away from the notoriety and to win "," Man restores the pure and innocent nature of the former, "according to nature", "mild heart character" and "train the body to eliminate the depression." The head of the essence of these ideas lies in mental tranquilizer and abstinence from any personal desires. Only in this way, the human spirit can be cultivated, the essence and qi stored internally. Therefore, health and longevity can be obtained . Experts on the culture of life through the ages have attached importance to reflection on the culture of life "by cultivating not worry and keep away from fame and gain." It is the source theoretical life TCM culture. According to the record of literature, the life of Lao Zi over 160 years.

Confucius was the founder of Confucianism academic. As regards culture and the longevity of life are concerned, Confucius advocated the moral life of culture, stressed the importance of culture of the mind, desires that the equipment should be reduced as much as possible and that human behavior must be constrained by social norms. Among these standards, the philosophical concepts of "benevolence" and "the doctrine of the mean were also devoted to his life cultivation practice such as the" three types of abstinence for colleagues "(Namely." l ' abstinence from sexual life, abstaining from combat and abstinence, to focus on earnings and personal losses.) "Moreover, people need to live a normal life and avoid the excesses and overrest; food needs should be nutritious, fresh, clean, carefully cooked and delicious. Although Confucius lived in a time of chaos caused by war, his life has also reached 72 years. Menicus, a representative figure of Confucianism, which was good in the culture of the noble spirit, died at the age of 83 years.
China is a country with more than average life expectancy in the world, and history of the study of theory and methods of longevity more than 2000 years. During each historical period, there is typically longevous famous masters. They not only lived a long life, but also accumulated much experience in strengthening health and prolonging life.

Hua Tuo, the doctor noted in the Han Dynasty, theoretically exposed to culture with the bodily life movement. He thought "movement" promotes easy digestion and smooth blood circulation, and in that way, people can enjoy long life as well as "water is never outdated and a hinge never rotten door. "On this basis, he invented the famous" Wuqinxi, or five games to imitate animals. It is easy, convenient and effective fitness exercise that imitates the movements of five animals of Tiger, dear , bear, monkey and bird. Hua Tuo lived more than 80 years. Hua Tuo should have been a man longevous had he not been arrested and killed.

Hongjing Tao, the famous specialist in the culture of life in the south of the dynasty, bad a good knowledge of medicine and was well versed in Buddhism and Taoism. His book on the culture issues of character and extend life is the oldest extant treaty on the culture of life in China. The book addresses many of the principles and methods of cultivation, which include the main con-random seasonal, regulation of emotions, movements of each joint, the regulation of breathing, the average amount of food intake, light physical labor, a good sex life, etc. Of all the principles and methods, to cultivate the spirit and nourish the body "is the dominant idea. Hongjing Tao also died in the age 80.
Simiao Sunday, an expert in medicine and the culture of life, has written an excellent job Qian Jin Fang, or requirements of value, which was delivered. He also wrote treatises on life, such as culture Sheyang Zhenzhong Fang, Handy or requirements for the life of culture. The comprehensive settlement of the methods adopted in its life, culture techniques, such as therapeutic feeding for the life of culture, promotion of health, sex life, moderate (promotes sexual health.) Regulation of the spirit of promotion activities, massage, etc. The content is very rich. The application of these methods of culture of life is based on the theory of "culture of alienation" (emotion regulation, to take prevention before the onset of disease). Sunday Simiao lived to 101.

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