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Hypotension in patients with Health care exercises

Updated: Monday, Apr 06,2009, 12:17:00 PM
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Hypotension in patients with Health care exercises

Symptoms of low blood pressure were more common in young women, are generally caused by iron deficiency anemia of. Manifested as generalized weakness, dizziness, fatigue and symptoms such as palpitations, in general, at the beginning, they do not have medication, just eat the appropriate high-nutrition, ease of digestion and absorption, and vitamin-rich food, such as lean meat , liver and fish and other shellfish.

Low blood pressure is the introduction of a rule gymnastics, practice shows that, as long as the time to do every morning, low blood pressure would be improved.

1. The body upright, legs separated from his hands make a fist extended forward. The depths of hair from the abdomen, and the side of a "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Call, while a hand into a fist with the thumb and grip force 15.

2. Vertical, first arms straight forward, clap their hands three times harder, and then use the left hand side hit the right arm, from fingers began, until the shoulder so far. For the side again.

3. Sit down bent over chair and his hands make a fist with one hand near the little finger of the Department of beat boxing Zusanli, about 30 times.

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